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***Official 2021 FBG T-shirt Exchange - 100% Participation - Great Job All!!** (1 Viewer)


a couple of our friends have already made suggestions for brew and shirts. 

Without getting overly restrictive / demanding, I like the idea of requesting colors and giving ideas of what people actually like. For example, I don’t need or want any more dark blue or black Ts, prefer brighter colors in general. Also prefer no really thick shirts. I have a few from previous years I like a lot but rarely wear because of their thickness. 

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Finally figured out how to get all the pictures from my haul uploaded and get AAA Batteries the props that he deserves! 

Shirt 1 - Front

Shirt 1 - Back

Shirt 2

Shirt 3


Taste Test with Answer Key

Adult Beverages

Personal Touch

Total Haul

AAA, you totally killed this and I can't thank you enough! I've had most of the beers and enjoyed each one, and the wife and I are going to do the taste test in a few weeks when we have the house to ourselves for the weekend and nothing planned. Thanks again for being so awesome  :tebow: :thanks: :pickle: :thumbup: :hifive:
Somehow missed this!  Glad you enjoyed the beers.  @joker - what did you think of the whiskeys

I would like to be back in this year!  I was on vacation in Hawaii the last couple of weeks and kept wishing I had someone to buy shirts for, since I saw all sorts of cool stuff.

This is NOT the official thread for this year so please hold off declaring in or out. I’ll create a new thread for this year in a bit.

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