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***OFFICIAL Cowboys 2005 draft Warroom*** (1 Viewer)

Beyond the first 3 rounds my college knowledge is garbage so any input on these guys from knowledgeable fans would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:

Canty also did not help his cause when he suffered an eye injury during a bar brawl in Scottsdale, AZ, where he was training during the post-season. He showed up late for the combine because he was unable to travel via airplane and, as of the date of this report (March 19, 2005), he had not yet worked out in Charlottesville. Canty has terrific size, agility and power when healthy. He also has the potential to play either inside or outside in a 4-3 and/or 3-4 scheme at the next level.

. He appeared in two games in 2002 before sustaining a hamstring injury and taking a medical redshirt year. Barber played in all 13 games of the 2003 season and he was named first team All-Big-10. As a senior in 2004, Barber rushed for 1,082 yards and 10 touchdowns on 194 carries splitting carries with Laurence Maroney. Barber needs to work on his running style and improve his vision and patience as a runner.
Speculation that could start out as KR also.
Anybody know what Dallas gave to Philly to move up from the 5.12 to 4.31 ??At sixteen places, I hope it was a dud player or the 2006 #5 (or lower).

Cowboys get: Philadelphia's fourth-round pick (No. 132) and selected DE Chris Canty, and a sixth-round pick in 2006Eagles get: Dallas' fifth-round pick (No. 148) and fourth-round pick in 2006.

So what's the story on Canty's eye? I heard it was pretty messed up from the bottle to the dome during a bar fight.

So what's the story on Canty's eye? I heard it was pretty messed up from the bottle to the dome during a bar fight.
Yeah, he has a detatched retina and it still requires one more surgery. Theoretically if the surgery works out ok he should be ready by camp or pre-season. Some theories say it was more wrong place wrong time sort of thing. Most teams were more worried about prior injuiries than the eye thing. It's a gamble, but one needs to take gambles especially with Dallas' horrific record past the 5th round in the last few years.

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