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One thing I've learned this year (1 Viewer)

dollar demons

Despite all the changes and surprises with this game over the years, one thing that has remained constant is to screw the matchups and play your best guys no matter what. It won't always work but the odds are with you.

Some examples over the last couple of weeks

P Manning @ Pitt

Wayne @ Pitt

Calvin Johnson @ Car

These guys performed depite the circumstances.

I may be stating the obvious but I just needed to vent.

Jacobs against Pitt D....not so good. So I benched him against the Ravens D....not good either.

Conversely I played Rivers against the Pitt D. :wall: :wall: :wall:


I think people downgrade their studs a bit too much when there is a tough matchup, but there's nothing wrong with benching a stud in a tough matchup if you have another really good player in a really good matchup.

It's times like when you bench Calvin Johnson for Mark Bradley that you'll regret the decision. Now if you benched Calvin Johnson for Dwayne Bowe, then you would have been happy with your decision.

I tend to not play matchups enough. I have been reminding myself of this more and more this year and have been more successful. I tend to agree with the thread topic if you define stud as a top 3 QB, a top 5 RB and a top 5 WR. Those who give stud status to many players will probably find the idea of never bench your studs to be a false statement.

I was dumb & sat MJD v Titans & lost the game b/c of it. I always say play your studs too :thumbup: go me!

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ehhhh. . .I think stud is defined as a top 10 player at that posistion. . . .ehhhh maybe top 5 for TE/DEF/K. . . .maybe even QB is a top 5.

Anyway, if you have a top 10 RB and or WR, I think they are pretty much a must start providing that injury isnt involved. With that said, players such as Jacobs and Calvin become tough decisions this week. Both have injuries that the "Could play" or "Will play" with, and if you have a player such a s Ward or Berrian, it makes it a closer/tougher call. :blackdot: :unsure: nudge nudge

But I was one of the fools that benched Wayne 2 weeks ago against Pitts, and started Berrian. . .the diff was only 100+ yards and a TD.

Play your studs. . . .I find it easier to swallow a loss when you bench a guy like Cassel for Warner, and Cassel goes off, vrs Warner for Cassel and Warner goes off on your bench.

Good Running Backs tend to come through more in the 2nd half of the season

Cold weather or whatever, this has almost always been a trend.

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