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**Packers at Falcons** (-1.5, 40) (1 Viewer)

Also look back to the first drive 4th down delay on a FG attempt. 51 yards not a sure thing of course…but they either took an intentional delay not trusting the rookie kicker (who hit from 52 in Chicago last week) or just an incompetent play by special team
Packers defense does not appear to be well coached. All kinds of goofy broken plays work against them
Yep. Joe B sucks as a DC. Every fan knows it — why doesn’t LaFleur?
Packers Head Coach, whoever it may be, have a long history of sticking with coordinators long after they've proven themselves unworthy. I have no idea why the loyalty.
Also he ran into the gap where a huge fat dude was waiting and a LB was directly behind him. Didn't look like a great hole to pick.

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