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Peter King...Not the sharpest tool (1 Viewer)


Here's what dum-dum Peter King has for the top 5 winners of the draft on Day

1. He has this for the 49ers:

2. San Francisco. Got the great receiving tight end, probably the best pure

receiver in the draft, in Vernon Davis, and a high-effort Mike Nolan kind of

defensive lineman in John McCargo. The 49ers are a significantly better team

today than they were yesterday.

The 49ers didn't draft John McCargo you #######! Stop watching your

daughter's ####### field hockey games and PAY ATTENTION. YOU ARE A

PROFESSOINAL! Who is drafted is listed out in English one pick at a time.

Anyone can read it!

I hate him so much. He's worthless...

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Cut the guy some slack. It's hard to get every pick exactly right while you're busy writing about the guy who sat next to you on the plane who drank too much.


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