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Peyton & Eli Manning - alternate MNF program: ‘The ManningCast’ (1 Viewer)

I love these guys
So glad they pushed back on the ESPN clown shoes who wedged 4 guests into the telecast, meaning less Manning QB talk and more canned Q&A jokes that the host had to learn.
Totally agree, these guys rule by themselves, no need to clutter it up more than once a game.
The celebs that come on that actually know some football and have some charisma are fine. But too many don’t really know football and end up just trying too hard to be witty or funny.
Eli's face on the pick 6 was awesome
As ex-QBs they have the right blend of empathy and criticism for their compatriots.
This is exactly why I enjoy the Manningcast. They're multi-millionaires with multiple championships, but they're still quarterbacks at heart. It actually hurts them to see a mistake like that. Their faces look like they made it themselves.

It wasn't just a job for them. They feel it, even today. You don't get much of that with the manufactured pre-game shows and "analysis" from talking heads, not even from the former players.
Rough night. Rodgers was okay, but his arrogance can be overbearing after about 10 seconds. Klay was okay, but didn't offer much. I turned it off the second I saw Haddish (see: ANNOYING).
The ManningCast's numbers are down. The alternate broadcast has been flirting with dropping below 1 million for the first time ever, and the percentage of the total MNF audience has been as low as 5.74% this season.
I switch back and forth depending on who they have on/how the game is going. I actually like Aikman in the booth though, so the main broadcast is fine.
When they actually talk about football, it is good. But when you have guests on that are non-football related, it is unbearable to watch. If I wanted to hear about what Klay Thompson and Tiffany Haddish (whoever the hell that is) is doing, I would tune into Entertainment Tonight. I have stopped watching due to this.

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