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Peyton Hillis hype train (1 Viewer)

Well I laughed at the Brandon Jacobs resurgence talk and he shut me up last week. Who is to say Hillis couldn't be a killer goal line back still? I am seeing some 4 carries 7yds 2td lines in his future...just can't predict when...

Jacobs and Hillis, the dreaded thunder and more thunder combo, thats a lot of beef. Maybe Coughlin is planning to build a rugby team for his next job?

(11:25 am ET) It seems the Giants are preparing for newly signed running back Peyton Hillis to contribute immediately. The Giants host the Vikings Monday night (Week 7).

"Hillis knows the offense, he knows the terminology," coach Tom Coughlin said. "That helps a lot. He’s a bigger back. He caught the ball very well in the workout. We know he can handle the first and second-down stuff and hopefully he will not be too hard-pressed to pick up the third-down stuff as well."
Choooo choooooooo


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