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Philadelphia RB's pecking order 2021 (1 Viewer)

Team Smokin'

Rather then always looking for tid bits of info on all of these guys perhaps this will get the ones who own shares of PHI RB's informed choices.

Miles Sanders began as alpha RB #1 with Gainwell grabbing more playing time. Sanders had a slow start to the season granted.

Sanders about ready to "break out" then gets injured. Gainwell doesn't do much, but Boston Scott shines. 

Enter Jordan Howard from INACTIVE to active and he looks like a guy PHI may become 'permanent' part of offense. But, he was released for a reason and a reason he wasn't picked up or promoted until an injury.

Who's the better RB moving forward once Sanders returns perhaps next week?

Sanders, Howard, Gainwell, Scott - what's order?

This week only is it Howard who is listed as INACTIVE right now. They gotta activate him this week.


Drake Hater

If you're like me it's worth a gamble on Sanders with this new focus on the rush attack. With Carson out and a deep league, quality RBs are few and far between and Sanders' upside helps my team's outlook. 


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