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Pick 2 WR, Sutton, Reynolds, Robby Anderson, Jordy Nelson or John Ross - Beckham out (1 Viewer)


I am in dire straits at WR for my first week of the Playoffs. Odell Beckham is out.

I need to pick 2 WR to start out of this group.

Cortland Sutton vs Browns- has done nothing last 3 weeks.

Josh Reynolds vs Eagles- should be a good matchup, but he is the 3rd WR option on that team

Robby Anderson vs Texans-Enunwa out and pretty much only WR for Darnold-low score expected

John Ross vs Raiders- Not very high volume, gets short TD's good matchup

Jordy Nelson vs Bengals-good matchup, Jordys been good last 2 weeks with lots of targets-no TDs

Thanks in advance for your help-leave a link and I'll answer yours. 


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