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Pick Up Colston? (1 Viewer)


I am in a 10 team league that only allows you to have 3 WR's on your roster. After the week 1 injury to Colston, his owner dropped him, and he is still on our waiver wire. From the reports I have found, it looks like he may return in week 8. Some have said week 7, and a few say he may return in week 10 after the Saints bye week.

I am trying to decide if I should try to get him now while most owners may have forgotten he was dropped. Here is my dilemma. I have T.O, Housh, and Santonio Holmes on my roster. Obviously I wouldn't drop T.O., but would you drop one of the other guys to get Colston? Housh has started to come alive in the last couple weeks, so I have been starting him with TO each week. I was big on Santonio in the preseason, but he is not looking like he will have the 3rd year breakout season.

We get 1 pt. per 25 yards receiving and of course 6 pts for a TD. It is not PPR and no bonus for long receptions/TD's.


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I am so glad you registered to ask this question here on FBG's. You are exactly what this site is looking for!

What these guys are doing a piss poor job of saying is yes, drop Holmes for Colston now and welcome! Good to have you here.

Read a few of the posts here and you will determine that this question is better posted in the Assistant Coaches forum.This forum is good for general football discussions "NFL Talk", not 'how do I manage my team.'Also, you might just read some posts about Colston's value (use the search box on the bottom left) and make up your own mind about your specific situation.

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