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Pittsburgh at Oakland (1 Viewer)

It's awesome that we have 85 year old refs determining games
I've been flipping through the games, how have the refs been determining this game?
They haven't determined anything. Steelers have no right winning this game. Terrible play calling, critical drops, 2 missed chip shot missed FGs and a blocked punt. They basically needed to play perfect the rest of the year and this is what they bring? Oh and more injuries on the O line......

It is shocking that that Steelers are in this game given how awful they have played on offense. That touchdown and 2 point was so lucky. Might regret being a little slow on the drive.

Was the turnover the other drive a Porter INT or fumble recovery? ESPN is calling it an INT, Yahoo is calling it a Brown fumble.

Is it just me or have we lost to the Raidas like 4 years in a row? Im sure its at least 2, and Id be surprised if its not 3 of the last 4.

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Was the turnover the other drive a Porter INT or fumble recovery? ESPN is calling it an INT, Yahoo is calling it a Brown fumble.
has to be int, no need to review it otherwise
Thats what I thought but I was hoping to get lucky since Im going against Brown in both my leagues.
MFL has it as a Brown fumble lost but the stats on NFL.com has Ben with 2 INT's and Brown with no fumbles. Once stats get reviewed I'm looking forward to getting the single point back from Brown and the one to Gio Bernard.

Why not have King turn and run into his own end zone?
It's not a horrible idea...but what if he doesn't make it before guys twice as fast as him get to him?
He's got a 15-yard head start and he's athletic as hell. He could have bled almost all of the clock.
I think there was just too much time left with 28 seconds. Maybe if there's 10 seconds on the clock you do that. That way you avoid the possibility of a blocked punt too.

nice use of a timeout
:jawdrop: Wow. Couldn't believe what I was seeing when they took that timeout. Almost anything is better than taking the timeout there. The timeout is CLEARLY more valuable than the 5 yard penalty in that situation.
Glad someone else posted this. I was behind a bit on the DVR, just saw this games conclusion. Big Ben has to know that down two scores and under 2 minutes left, having 3 timeouts in your pocket is super important since you will likely get ball back since opponent almost has to run the ball 3 times. Maybe on 4th down I would possibly take that TO, but on 2nd down to use that TO when it literally cost you 40 seconds for an end of game chance is absurd.

Very weird that fans like me and you guys realize this, at the moment it happens, no MMQB'ing here, while head coaches and QB's waste TO's all the time.


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