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Process Improvement (1 Viewer)


I am working on fixing a process / work flow.  I need help with two things.

1.  Is there a software where I can lay two workflows atop one another or compare them in some way?  I am working in Visio currently.

2.  Is there an “easy” way to determine hours spent on a process?




Visio is likely the best tool for building out and comparing process maps (plotting swim lanes, etc).  I wouldn't call it "easy" but process timers built in and aggregated in Excel can provide excellent data for analysis.  However, its time consuming and the data tends to be better if someone (with a process background) observes the worker and starts/stops the timer; versus the worker "self-timing".  The data gathered can provide huge benefits for post new process implementation.  Post implementation timings can confirm the impacts of the process improvement, or lack thereof.  


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