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Project new NFL coaches (1 Viewer)


I'm going to assume that there will be a few more changes just to make things interesting. So, predict who will be the next head coach of these teams...KC ChiefsOaklandGreen BayBuffaloNY JetsDetroitNew OrleansHoustonMinnesotaSt. LouisThe San Diego and Dallas jobs could also be open. Here are some potential candidates for all of these openings:Herm EdwardsGregg WilliamsFassellWade PhillipsMartzAl SaundersJim BatesBrad ChildressGary KubiakFerentzRuss GrimmRon Rivera

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With Mike Martz fired/dismissed/let go from the Rams, I sadly see him going to the Raiders.

Kansas City: Gregg Williams

Oakland: Jim Fassel

Green Bay: Steve Mariucci

Buffalo: Wade Phillips

Detroit: Gary Kubiak or Mike Singletary

New Orleans: Rick Neuheisel

Houston: Mike Martz

Minnesota: Jim Schwartz

St. Louis: Mike Heimerdinger

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KC Herm EdwardsOak Jim FasselGB Kirk FerentzBuff No changeDet Mike Singletary/Mike MartzNO Brad ChildressHouston Gary KubiakMinny Jim Bates/Mike MartzStL Al SaundersNYJ Mike Heimerdinger

Kansas City Chiefs: Herm EdwardsOakland Raiders: Mike MartzGreen Bay: Brad ChildressBuffalo Bills: Jim HaslettDetroit Lions: Marty SchottenheimerNew Orlean Saints: Ron RiveraHouston Texans: Gary KubiakMinnesota Vikings: Jim FasselSt. Louis Rams: Gregg WilliamsNew York Jets: Mike HeimerdingerSan Diego Chargers: Wade Phillips

Kansas City Chiefs: Herm Edwards

Oakland Raiders: Mike Martz

Green Bay: Brad Childress

Buffalo Bills: Jim Haslett

Detroit Lions: Marty Schottenheimer

New Orlean Saints: Ron Rivera

Houston Texans: Gary Kubiak

Minnesota Vikings: Jim Fassel

St. Louis Rams: Gregg Williams

New York Jets: Mike Heimerdinger

San Diego Chargers: Wade Phillips
As a S. Jackson owner in a keeper league I would love to see a defensive guy like Williams end up in St. Louis. The greatest show on turf is over and it's time they begin revamping that team.
Detroit - Russ Grimm or Maurice Carthon (though I hope they go with a more experienced guy like Martz)

Minnesota- Brad ChildressThis move could happen in the next couple of days. Childress is in town right now and they are also interviewing Ted Cotrell, so the minority canidate requirement would be out of the way. Rumor is that last year Red was looking to fire Tice before they made the playoffs and Childress was the guy they wanted.

With Mike Martz fired/dismissed/let go from the Rams, I sadly see him going to the Raiders.
So what you can watch exciting football and go to the playoffs. I can't believe the Rams fired him, I know he's alittle wierd but getting to the playoffs is the object and he's done that 3 out of 5 years. I think most teams and franchises would really be happy with that. I really think he is going to end up in Houston, just my opinion.
One important aspect of predicting the Carousel correctly is understanding the heirarchy of the jobs available. For example, the Raiders job is by most respects considered a job that most tier 1 candidates have little interest in pursuing, for obvious reasons [that hurt them two years ago when they settled for Norv Turner long after anyone with a pulse politely declined the job.] Davis is going to have to throw money at someone, and likley move quickly if he has his eyes on someone like Martz or Fassel.

I heard something on the NFL network that the TUNA might get out of his contract AGAIN and take the Lions job.Houston > KubiakOakland > Fassell, if not him then the UCLA coachMinnesota > Childress Green Bay > Mooch (to keep Favre happy but Mooch probably will sit the year out so I think they forget about Favre and go after college coach)New Orleans > Henderson (DC on Jets)St Louis > RiveraKansas City > EdwardsJets >>>>>> Heimerdinger (SP)Dallas >>>> Bob Stoops


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