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First. If you get all up in arms about doing your own projections and not relying on others, let me tell you this post is not for you. If on the other hand, you find yourself strapped for time whether because of job or family and tend to buy a subscription for projections, then keep reading.

I have been a FBG member for over 10+ years and this is not to argue the merits of the FBG staff projections, as I will continue to purchase the subscription for the $35K contest alone. Rather I am looking to gauge what other folks have used and see what your thoughts are on other projection sites. I have been debating about using another site in addition to FBG to help balance my perspective and considerations for the leagues I play in.

So first, let me tell you some of the research I have read:

  • Fantasy Pro Accuracy: A great site that measures the accuracy of various fantasy football sites for the last several years.
  • FFLibrarian: Another link to 2012 analysis of top accuracy experts.
I have to admit I have been curious about Jon Paulsen over at 4for4.com as between him and Dodds, they seem to be the most consistent rankers out there. So basically looking to get some feedback from all you folks out there that have used other projection sites. Any you would recommend? In addition, if you used 4for4 before, I would be interested in your take on that as well.

If you're looking for another site that does projections, Rotoviz does projections for each player based on historical comprables, with a low (floor), medium (median), and high (ceiling) projection on a game by game basis.

I've been a 4for4 subscriber for many years (matter of fact won their subscriber contest several years ago, when they still ran it) and value their service highly. Have won several redrafts over the years using their rankings/tools and advice. If it hadn't been for me branching out into Dynasty leagues I would have likely never subscribed to another service.


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