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QB toss to RB as a QB fumble (1 Viewer)


So I never understood this stat when a QB tosses the ball to a RB, the RB fumbles on the ball and the fumble goes to the QB? Why? Example here with Geno Smith and Eskeridge. Toss from Geno to Eskeridge, the RB clearly fumbles it but somehow the fumble is accounted to Geno. I never understood that one, will never understand it.
Because the RB never had possession. The fumble has to go to whoever possessed the ball last, and in this case it’s the QB.
IIRC, a fumble is credited to the last player that had possessed the football. If the player that received the pitch/toss never secures it, it goes to the player that pitched it.
The way I understand it, you cannot be credited it with a fumble if you never had possession of the ball.

Of course, a QB is credited with a fumble on a snap if he never receives it, so that is a play where a person IS credited with a fumble despite never having possessed it.

The NFL is weird like that.
Ok, makes sense I guess but man, that one for example, the toss was completely fine, the RB was just careless with it. Crazy to me that Geno gets credited with a fumble on that one.

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