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R.W. McQuarters or Ike Taylor? (1 Viewer)


in my league you get extra points for kick/punt return yards and td's right now i have taylor but sicne he stop being the return man he hasnt been getting me more than 4 tackles a game anybody think that 1 bly will be out this week... 2 will mcquarters will still be the return man this week if he starts at CB and 3 will he get the same stats as bly thanks for the help

If you get points for kr/pr yardage, McQuarters is the obvious choice here. Dre Bly is hurt and may be done for the season putting McQuarters into the starting lineup. The yardage points are a bonus.

But how much action will McQuarters see vs. Detroit's passing game? They have no receivers worth starting and vs. Chicago's D, it should be a low scoring game. Now watch; it'll be a shootout! LOL :loco:


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