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RB Debate: Sjax vs Graham (1 Viewer)


This is a "borderline" Pool / Coach topic, I know. I posted it in the Coach forum w/ my trade situation, but I really just want to discuss the value of these 2 backs and I was hoping to stir some more conversation in this forum, so i deleted the trade portion.It's my first topic post, so hope I'm not breaking any forum rules. Anyway.....

I can't believe it's come to this, but I've got to consider the facts. St Louis is even worse than last year & in a non ppr league, Jackson's production is borderline bust.

There's been a lot of talk about the schedules. I don't see a real clear advantage. TB has a lot of tastey match ups coming and a nice playoff schedule.

Jackson is obviously the more talented runner, but it doesn't mean much with 9 guys in the box & an offense that can't provide any help. Lets talk about Red Zone Opps for a sec.

Unless I'm reading the stats wrong (and it's my first time using the stat system, which is AWESOME by the way, so it's possible)

Total Players opportunities in the Red Zone: ST Louis- 6 TB - 67

Comparing Rb's: Jackson - 3 Graham - 9

10 to 1 by team & 3 to 1 at the RB spot.

Who would you rather have on your roster the rest of the year? I know Jackson is the centerpiece of the offense and Graham is sharing carries and duties, but the production and RZ stats are very convincing. I'm starting to lean towards Graham.....Thoughts Sharks?

Wooderson said:
good topic I will hang up and listen
No one seems to know for sure what to do with this guy, including me.Theres a good argument to sit him, start him, keep him & dump him.Really, feel free to give your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated!

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