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Redraft now with DraftDominator (1 Viewer)


Just looking for some advice about how I could use DD for a redraft on Friday. Yes, I know it is a neighborhood league so we thought it would be interesting to mix it up and redraft half way through the season. We get to keep 2 guys and then everyone else is fair game. I don't need any advice, I'll take that to the assistant coach forum. I did notice that the projections are crap now, so wondering if anyone ever loaded projections into DD somehow. I have access to the Top 200 moving forward, but I was hoping to get the latest "real" projections in place. It seems like the SOS is up to date, but Julio is still a top WR and Moreno is ridiculously low.

Any help would be appreciated as I plan to use DD as it is nice to keep track of who is kept/drafted, but the projections make the player list pretty much unusable.


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