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ReDraft observations (1 Viewer)


Did a couple of redrafts this weekend 12 team ppr $250.00 buyin things I noticed. Starting line ups 1qb,2rb,2wr,1te,2flex rb,wr,te 1def, 1k

1 Lamar Miller is now going in fourth round was third round a few weeks ago. I dont mind I still like Miller and can get another player in third than get Miller in fourth.

2 Spiller has gone from as high as #2 to as low as #12. Some of the leagues I play in have divisional playoffs starting in week 12 Spillers bye. I think that some players are letting it affect thier drafts. McCoy, AJ Green, and Spiller all seem to vary. Took Spiller at #9 Saturday.

3 Quality QB's are still there in 8th and 9th round I am waiting as long as I can to grab one. Got Romo twice as last big QB left.

4 Amendola has gone at the end of third and didn't make it out of 4th in any draft.

5 Lacy has gone in 3rd round usually 5th. Bell has gone 3rd round to 5Th round usually 4th round. Vereen goes in the 4th or 5th round. Bernard goes usually goes in 5th seen one time someone took him in 3rd round.

Finley has gone from 8th round till 12th round. I think with all the injuries at TE people are lost with what to do. Finley is still a value in my mind. In a 1.5 te ppr I did last night he was first pick in 6th round.

Another thing I noticed Wilson goes in 4th or 5th rd have seen him go in 3rd but thats rare. Im not a fan wish he was getting more hype and would go higher.

Every year, I notice that all of the players go back to the pool and are eligible for drafting anew.

Richardson seems pretty level end of 6th, 7th round sometimes 5th usually after Bernard,Lacy, Vereen, but before Bradshaw, Mendenhall,and Ivory type backs


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