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Rook CB's Bartell and Danials (1 Viewer)


Ronald Bartell is slated to backup Groce in St Louis and Travis Danials is backing up Howard in MIA.I know Fisher went down last night for the Rams but I am not sure Bartell would slide over.Does anybody think these two or either one will have an impact this year?TomAlso read some reports that Saban's former Tiger, Danials may be able to play S as well

Bartell has also played some free safety in college. Wether or not they have an impact this year will depend on their development and how the players in front of them perform. I think both have a decent shot at seeing the field at some time this year and the rookie corner rule would definitely apply in both cases. Both guys are worth a flyer to sit on the end of your bench.

Groce did nothing to impress me the other night

so Bartell could get a shot later :boxing:
Bartell is still pretty raw. I wouldn't expect much of anything out of him this season.

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