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Rory McIlroy (1 Viewer)

I'll never tire of LHUCKS getting owned on his Golden Bear from the PAC backpedal. My god that was almost as good as Alias and his girl shirt.

'I could use hockey sticks and an orange': :bag: Rory McIlroy switches clubs

World No 1 plays down fears that change to Nike from Titleist will affect his game

Anyone know if this guy is still using nike equipemnt or hockey sticks and an orange because is game indicates the latter.

I bet Nike is thinking WTF? This is what we get for £150m?

Great advertisement for them. They could go with: 'Use our clubs and it will look like you are using hockey sticks and an orange on the course'.

He may want to ditch those clubs and go with the hockey stick and an orange. Man, he ####### sucks.


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