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Playing some DEF via the WW (since my oh-so-clever Seattle D draft pick sucks). I'd made up my mind to go with the 49ers vs. NE and Matt Cassel.

I see that FBG have the Saints ranked much higher than SF this week. The Saints play a Minnesota team that should be able to run Peterson with no problems and eat up a lot of clock. Is the FBG thinking that the Saints will be unstoppable on offense, jump out to a big lead, and then pin their ears back and get after Frerrotte? I guess I can see that, but I think the scenario that I laid out seems more likely.

In short, is the Saints D really that improved, and are they a viable start this week?

P.S. I really didn't intend this to be a WDIS thing. I'm more interested in the FBG logic behind their rankings.

I was shocked to see that ranking too. NO is a hit or miss defense fantasy wise, either they lay an egg or they score big points. I have both NO and Buffalo, and I am sticking with Buffalo as I feel the Vikings will try to run with Peterson as much as possible.

They have some playmakers and have been fairly stout in their two home games. Fujita and McKenzie are healthy, Porter is proving to be the real deal at CB, and Ellis is commanding double teams, which enables Grant and Smith to get to the QB. I think you can get good numbers using them at home.

ETA: if Payton sticks with the power run game, the offense is going to score early and often... which should help generate more of the sacks and interceptions we saw last Sunday

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Well, nevermind...

Saints DT Ellis out two-to-four weeksNew Orleans, LA (Sports Network) - New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis will miss the next two-to-four weeks as the rookie had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, Saints head coach Sean Payton said on Friday.Ellis, the seventh overall selection in the 2008 draft, missed practice on Thursday and had the surgery early Friday morning."By all accounts the procedure went very well and he should be back in two-to- four weeks," Payton said.Ellis has started all four games this season and has totaled nine tackles and one sack.Payton did not say who will take Ellis' spot on the line for Monday night's home game against Minnesota, but it will most likely be either Antwan Lake or Brian Young.
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Well, even after seeing Ellis out I bit the bullet and picked up NO for Monday night. It was either them or keep the horrendous Broncos. I'd be plenty happy with 8 points out of NO...and they've gone 11, 11, 20 the last three weeks in my scoring system.


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