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****San Fran 8-3 at Philly 10-1**** (+3, 47) 4:25 NFCC '23 Rematch (1 Viewer)

Missed watching this game. Did I miss anything?
The Philly Security Chief that looked like Andy Reid's cousin decided to put his hands out and place them on 49'ers LB #57, think it's Greenlaw or something.
The Niners player gave him a shove in the face that looked more like he was miming as a painter or artist and drew him a mustache let's say.
Both were ejected and i would support the Philly Security Dude being suspended at least and perhaps banned.
No NFL player should have to worry about being made contact with by someone that is NOT an NFL PLAYER!
Cannot be any clearer about that, I don't care if the play went into the benches or up the tunnel but this one barely ended out of bounds, total horse ****.

-No reflection on the fan base, this was a Richard Jewell type, little too charged up with his credentials.
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It takes a truly unique and special fan base to walk away from that game still thinking they’re the better team.

I hate the fact that I don’t live in Delusionville, PA, prob a lot of fun being that detached from reality.
:lmao: you're definitely a part of that population...
There was a time in my life where a random internet poster taking a shot at me out of left field bothered me, I look back on that time and truly can’t understand why. This post speaks more about you than me and I sincerely hope you accomplished whatever you set out to accomplish.

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