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Skyy Moore Trade Offer (1 Viewer)

Trade my 2024 2nd round pick for Skyy Moore in Dynasty

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I was offered Skyy in my dynasty league for one of my 2024 second-round picks. The KC WR room makes me a little nervous with Kelce being the #1 along with the others in the room and how Mahomes and Reed work their receivers. It is a 12-team PPR & TE premium run on FFPC, We start 2x RB, 2x WR, 2 Flex, TE, DST & K. My receivers are the below and I am building to be competitive now and win in the future. I believe the offer is fair so the question is, is Skyy going to be the guy and would you do the deal or ride with the guys I have? Thank you.

Tee Higgins
Drake London
Zay Flowers
Jayden Reed
Kayshon Boutte
Van Jefferson
Terrance Marshall
AT Perry
It's a fair deal that I wouldn't take. I would rather have the 2nd rounder as it probably has more future trade value as a piece to add to a bigger trade if needed down the road.
SkyY moore has no value as an NFL or fantasy WR. he won't do much in KC, neither will Toney. I would look elsewhere

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