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**SNF - Bears at Chargers** (-9, 46) 8:20 (1 Viewer)

This is my survivor pick as I've exhausted all my other options, but I don't love it. Feels like a must win for the Chargers.

I'll be a little worried if Ekeler doesn't get going this week, even though the Chargers are probably better off attacking the Bears through the air than on the ground. I expect Allen and Palmer to be solid starts.

On the Bears end, I think Foreman is the guy regardless of Roschon's status. I think he'll see 15-25 touches depending on gamescript, but I'm wary of any other Bears (even Moore) with T-Bag starting.

This feels like your classic game where LA comes out a little flat but gets going enough to hang on. Chargers 24-20
Chargers being unnecessarily coy about Joshua Palmer's playing status tonight

Edit: Didn't show up on the inactive list, so looks like he's a go (but G. Everett out)
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Up 19 points with one roster spot left to go vs his DET Dst so I should be OK playing it safe-ish.

Palmer vs Foreman vs Roschon.
Feeling Foreman.
Chargers keep coaches job one more week.
Unless they lose.
Nostradumbass says...

Other Team From L.A.- 37
Windy City- 27
in a tight matchup v Herbert owner

I need the Bears to defense to do things they're not used to doing
  • 31st in sacks
  • 26th in PA
  • T22nd in FR
They did go into the week T9th with 6 INT

Herbert is middling with 4 INT (T16th most) 1.9 INT% (12th best)

  • WK 2 @ TB 17-27
  • WK 3 @ KC 10-41
  • WK 5 @ WAS 40-20
Bagent has a better arm than I thought in watching his highlights and last week's game.

That's surprising.

Chicago stinks, though.

Exactly what Tirico and Collinsworth are saying about not being able to get to the run, and I'm starting Foreman vs. Ekeler.

This doubly sucks.
Palmer is down, didn't look good, I'm no doctor but it looked like perhaps his hip socket got pulled and I'll leave it at that
Doubt we see him rest of tonight
Hope I'm wrong
Looks like the defender’s weigh caused him to jam his knee. It shook in an awkward way.

I hope that’s just slow motion making it look worse than it was.

If you want to construct a bad defense, the best tried and true method is to assemble a collection of DL incapable of being playmakers. Ryan Poles has been holding a Masterclass in this area.

Bears DL Run Defensive Lineman

NameNumberPositionRDEF SnapsPFF RDEF Grade
Andrew Billings97DI10959.1 (64th out of 184 DI)
Justin Jones93DI10552.4 (115th out of 184 DI)
DeMarcus Walker95ED10358.6 (99th out of 169 ED)
Yannick Ngakoue91ED9447.3 (148th out of 169th ED)
Rasheem Green94ED7142.4 (154th out of 169 ED)
Gervon Dexter Sr. (R)99NT5754.9 (96th out of 184 DI)
Dominique Robinson90ED5134.0 (166th out of 169 ED)
Zacch Pickens96DI4536.8 (NQ would be 163rd ED

Bears Pass Rush Defensive Lineman

NameNumberPositionPRSH SnapsPFF PRSH Grade
Yannick Ngakoue91ED24747.3 (166th out of 171 ED)
DeMarcus Walker95ED20562.1 (87th out of 171 ED)
Justin Jones93DI20249.9 (178th out of 185 DI)
Dominique Robinson 909011450.0 (163rd out of 171 ED)
Rasheem Green94ED11156.3 (127th out of 171 ED)
Gervon Dexter Sr. (R)99NT10956.3 (41st out of 185 DI)
Andrew Billings97DI10966.8 (47th out of 185 DI)
Zacch Pickens96DI6258.7 (109th out of 185 DI)

TBF Dexter seems like a kid who will develop into a reliable starter for a long time. The rest of this group is mid to bad.

This is not to say the LB corps or back end are free from criticism, but to me this is the fundamental problem with what Chicago is trying to do. Rebuilds should be from the inside out.

Actually, I don't think CEO HC Eberflus has clarity on what exactly he is trying to accomplish, but this ain't it.


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