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**SNF - Bears at Chargers** (-9, 46) 8:20 (1 Viewer)

Eke is single handedly saving my season in one league.

Which is good since he single handedly tanked it for me for a couple weeks.
This Game thread is dead.. Ususally SNF games have a lot of people talking.

Nobody watching this train wreck?
Not dead for those in 51 leagues ! Every play matters ! I just won a dynasty league game on that 26 yard Allen catch was down 38 with Ekeler and Allen and was really sweating it out knowing they could pull their starters at any point.
Chargers stopped on fourth but I think they're still in this one.

Got relegated to second screen on mute at the half.
I found it interesting they chose to kick the field goals earlier when the game felt more in question and now decided to go for it.
I thought about that - getting the 1st & burning more clock to shorten the game was more important than 3 points there.
How did Ekeler go from 100 yards to 90 yards on a -5 yard receiving they counting the 5 yards lost on the fumble as -5 receiving yards that is BS

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