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Steve Breaston (1 Viewer)


Whats everyone doing with Steve Breaston?

Steve Breaston was held to two catches for 39 yards in Week 9.Because he's a third receiver again with Anquan Boldin healthy, Breaston will be subject to down weeks like this. He will also mix in some solid days, but should be viewed as a shaky WR3 play going forward in any week.
I think he just had an off week, FF point-wise. He was targeted quite a bit. Assuming you start 3 WR's, he's still one of the better WR#3 options along with Lance Moore, DeSean Jackson, Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery, etc. and probably a better option (or at least as good) most weeks than guys like Coles, Cotchery, Holmes, Ward, etc....IMHO.

I will still start Steve Breaston as my WR3 because even though Boldin is back my league gives yards for Kick Off and Punt Return yards so I will get decent points for is return yards plus he will get a few weeks with darn good receiving yards along the way.


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