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Strategy Question - 10 Team PPR Draft #1 draft position (1 Viewer)


I have been looking at ADP and various Mock Drafts and in the typical 10 team PPR mocks, the #1 pick is either Gurley/Bell and the 2nd rd pick is AJ Green or Jordan Howard types with Gronk going at the top of the 3rd rd.  Not sure if I agree with this but wanted to get opinions.  

My thinking is if I take Gurley at 1, Green/Allen/Hilton (WR) in 2nd, then would it make sense to just take Gronk in the 3rd?  I hate the fact that he is an injury risk.  The only other option with be to take Gurley/Howard or McCaffery or D.Freeman then best WR available and wait on TE>


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I've been doing lots of mocks from the #1 spot in a 10-teamer.  The guys that fall occasionally (but rarely) are Keenan Allen and Christian McCaffrey.  I will always take these 2 guys if they do fall.  Gronk is certainly worth the 3.1 pick.  He is head and shoulders above the rest at his position, when he isn't injured.


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