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Sunday AM IDP Notes -- W11 (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel

Week 11 already?!?!

Link to this morning's gameday notes ~ http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/article.php?article=13bramel_sundayAM_idp_11


Paul Posluszny has not been cleared for contact after last week's concussion. Russell Allen will move inside with John Lotulelei starting outside. Allen is a nice LB3+ play in what should be an every-down role. Those in deeper corner required leagues should consider Dwayne Gratz. He got his first start last week and is a physical tackler who should get boost his numbers with some plays in run support.

The Falcons will get Sean Weatherspoon back this week. Thankfully, we got the clarity we needed on the prospective alignments. As I speculated earlier this week, it wasn't Paul Worrilow or Joplo Bartu who were on the hot seat. It will be Akeem Dent who loses his role in the base defense, with Worrilow moving inside. What isn't yet known is whether Worrilow or Bartu will be the second nickel linebacker. And it's a tough call to handicap. Bartu was seen as an up-and-coming subpackage player this preseason. Weatherspoon will reportedly wear the helmet communicator. But both Bartu and Weatherspoon are better suited to an outside role in the nickel, whereas Worrilow makes more sense in the middle. And there's no guarantee Weatherspoon is ready to take a full time role. I think you can safely consider both Weatherspoon and Worrilow LB3 plays this week. But both have a low floor.

Vincent Rey was very impressive last week as an every-down middle linebacker. Mike Zimmer has been a fan of Rey's since last season but durability issues kept Rey from taking advantage of any possible opportunities. One week doesn't establish a trend, but this is a situation that is too good to wait on in the short term. The only competition for tackles in the back seven is from Vontaze Burfict, the stat crew has been much more friendly in Cincinnati this year and Rey has all-around talent. Rey Maualuga could be back in Week 12, but Vincent Rey could win more snaps with another strong week. Consider Rey a LB3 with upside this week.

Jason Pierre-Paul was limited this week. I'm very leery of his stinger symptoms after offseason disc surgery. There were times where Pierre-Paul looked to be turning the corner this year, but I think that ship may have sailed and there's an argument to be made that he may never return to elite defensive end status again. Last week, Jacquian Williams saw more snaps than Spencer Paysinger, leaving Jon Beason the only viable fantasy option in this linebacker group. The Packers should provide Beason with more opportunity than he's seen in the past 2-3 weeks. And there are now no more hints of injury-related issues; Will Hill has now taken over as the starting free safety for Ryan Mundy.

There was an erroneous report floating around that Erin Henderson wouldn't play this week with an illness. He's fully practiced Thursday and Friday and is ready to play in a very strong matchup. The Vikings should also get both Chris Cook and Jamarca Sanford back today. Andrew Sendejo will continue to start, with Mistral Raymond headed to a reserve role. Sanford is a risk coming off the groin strain, but is the better bet for fantasy value.


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