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****The 2019 Carolina Panthers Thread**** We Rhule At Losing (1 Viewer)

Panthers staff is coaching the Senior Bowl. Should be interesting experience given the turnover on the Offensive Staff/potential loss of Brady if he gets a HC job.
I'm a little surprised at the interest in Brady for a potential HC job.  Seems soon as he's just getting his feet wet at the NFL OC role.  

Curious do any Panthers fans think Teddy is worth his current contract? I mean getting rid of Newton was a no brainer IMO, but not sure Teddy is really a franchise QB. Thoughts? 
I've expressed my opinion here a few times that I don't think Teddy is a franchise QB that can take a team deep into the playoffs.  Good backup but just doesn't seem the guy.  

If we're in a building mode then his current contract is fine but I don't want to extend or give him anything larger. 

The first domino in the Houston Texans trading Watson is a Top 2-3 pick in their hands and Watson is pushing the Texans around by saying he doesn't want to play in NY or. Miami which happen to both have a coveted Top-3 pick in a year where it's possible 4 QBs go in the Top 5-6 selections no matter who is holding them at the moment. 

SO why wouldn't the Texans try and get Miami to trade them back, I think pride factors in. But if say Carolina could get Miami to trade back to 8 and I'll say Miami would take the No 39 they have for 2021 and maybe a 2022 selection but nothing super high. 

Next, the Panthers start dangling 3 first round picks for Watson and bingo they got a trade partner that knows they can save face just a bit although i don't know how they can keep a fan base the way they have been managed. 

Miami sends the No 3 and in return Carolina provides the No 8 and 39 selections, maybe that alone would get it done. I also think the Jets will not trade down or out of the No 2 pick. So Miami by default becomes the target for Carolina. 

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