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The annual Draft Day is Christmas for us nerds thread (1 Viewer)


I take off every Friday after draft day each year. When I was a kid Xmas was THE day. As an adult, Draft Day is THE day. My wife says the draft is like watching paint dry on the wall. I beg to differ. I love the back and forth in this forum leading up to the draft, including draft day. It is truly a special day.
My buddy has been having a draft party that I've attended for about 20+ years in a row. At first, I was like WTF is this? and was just going to hang out and have a few beers, but I've gotten much more into it since then and now look forward to it every year. The draft party has grown each year and now moved from the basement to outside with multiple screens and fire pits. Everybody brings food, beers, etc. He's got a mock draft contest going that he tracks live (and comments on how good/bad some picks were) and also puts out two decks of playing cards and the card you pull tells you what beer you get (108 different beers!) and by the end of the night you've got a poker hand... but usually we've forgotten to keep track by then. :banned:

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