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The second coming of Joe Cool. Is Burrow pulling a Namath? (1 Viewer)

Harry Frogfish

I just heard Bart Scott ask Travis Kelce on the Bart and Hahn radio show this afternoon to resolve an argument between them. Scott, who played for the Ravens, said it was offensive to call Burrow "Joe Cool" while Joe Flacco was in the league, since that was Flacco's nickname. To which Hahn and Kelce both reacted with some sort of response like, where was Flacco called that, in your locker room? Hahn said his objection to it was because everyone knows Joe Montana is Joe Cool.

As for my post to which you responded, you seemed to miss the point, which was that you were associating Namath as Joe Cool, which is incorrect.

BTW, I'm not familiar with you so I don't know if this is schtick. If so, it isn't very good schtick.

If it's really that important to you, go argue with Terry Bradshaw, who was referring to Namath.

Can't believe this means that much to you.   :lmao:    And yes we realize Joe Burrough has "a long, long way to get there", my deepest apologies for uttering the "cool" word with someone that is not Montana.  And I speak for the legions of press who have done the same.  How dare they?  

Oh, speaking of the patent infringement, what about the original Joe Cool?  Pretty sure that Camel was old enough to smoke before Joe Montana stole his precious name.  So there!


Harry Frogfish

Burrow, 25, has the chance to become the first football player to be drafted No. 1 overall and win a Heisman Trophy, a national title and a Super Bowl -- and he can do it all in a three-year span. He led the NFL in completion percentage (70.4%) and yards per attempt (8.9) this season, making him the youngest to do it in both categories in the same season. Plus, his 10% off-target percentage was the lowest in the NFL over the past five seasons. And after going 0-for-13 on passes thrown 30-plus yards downfield last season, Burrow has 13 such completions this season, including playoffs, and his seven TDs on those throws have him tied with Stafford for the most in the NFL. In all, Burrow threw for 4,611 yards, 34 touchdowns and 14 interceptions this season, his first full NFL campaign after tearing his ACL during his 2020 rookie season. -- ESPN

Even more impressive considering the learning curve involved (and the torn ACL in the mix).  If he wins tomorrow that will be an epic trajectory.



The phrase Too Much Time was invented when the Bengals scored too quick in the Super Bowl vs the 49ers. Everyone watching that game knew. 

Montana earned that name. Joe hasn't yet, and right now, it's really not close. 


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