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The Watcher/The Haunting of 657 Boulevard (1 Viewer)

Northern Voice

Sorry if it's been posted, I didn't find it in a search, thought a few people here would be interested. The rights to this true story were sold to Netflix yesterday, so it's back in the public eye.

Basically, a family buys an expensive house in Westfield, NJ and immediately start receiving anonymous letters from "the watcher" of the house, including their children's names, recent renovations, placement of items inside the house - very very creepy - and naturally everyone in the neighbourhood becomes a suspect. 

It's long but I couldn't stop reading.

The Haunting of 657 Boulevard

Well, I’ll never watch that now that I read that article. No conclusion. I wanted to know who it was. 

A remember when this was in the NJ/NY news a few years ago. Interested to see what Netflix does with it.

I live two towns over and drive through Westfield every day to and from work. I've heard of this story for a few years now - but never drove past the house. Very creepy.


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