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Thoughts on my draft (1 Viewer)


Standard yahoo draft I had pick number 3. Interested on everyones thoughts seemed to be an interesting draft

QB - Lamar Jackson

RB - Kamara, Mixon, Derrick Henry, Melvin gordon, Ekler

WR - Keenan Allen, Robert Woods, TY Hilton, Tyler Boyd, DJ Moore, Sterling Shepard

TE - Njoku

K - Gano

Def - Patriots



This seems like an 8-man or under draft because no way could you have all those players in a 10-man unless the other people had zero idea on who to draft.

  • Running backs - Great  - Kamara/Mixon/Henry is good especially with Henry having an upside. If Gordon comes back, you have stellar RB's and its good that you have Gordon's handcuff. When that happens, you can drop Ekeler.
  • Wide Receivers - Keenan Allen is a solid player but I'm always hesitant with him because of his injuries but when healthy, I think he'll be solid. Woods is a great pick, Hilton definitely will drop a bit because of Luck's retirement, Boyd is a solid pick especially with Green missing time, and on top of that you have Moore and Shepard which are solid back ups/flex when needed. You could probably drop Shepard if needed because Gano's knee injury (aka pick up a kicker asap).
  • Tight End - Njoku is a solid TE pick and will definitely be getting you TD's.
  • Defenese - I see the Patriots as middle of the pack in fantasy, maybe see what other defenses are on waivers (check match-ups). Sure Patriots face the Jets/Dolphins/Bills but they took some hits. Jets will be a bit better with Bell's addition, Dolphins....meh, Bills....meh. So not too bad for 8 games but not sure on their other match-ups.
  • Kicker - Find a replacement asap. Gano is out for at least six weeks with a knee injury.
Overall, it looks great on the paper but depends on how many teams. If it's somehow a 10 man? You're contending EASILY. If it's under that, it's still a solid team - just hope that Gordon comes back soon so you're sitting super comfortable (regardless Kamara/Mixon/Henry is great). At that point, you can shop a RB in a package for a top WR (whichever team is in need of an RB).

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