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**Titans at Jaguars** (-6.5, 40) 1:00 (1 Viewer)

Need Jacksonville in Circa Survivor and praying they do bounce back. Not going to be an easy win but against a rookie they got to find a way to pull it out.
This is the up week for Henry in Kelly's every other week system that Vrabel actually stopped complaining about.
"Make bad decisions and outlast your friend's will."

Vrabel talked of protecting Levis and pulling Levis. Levis spoke of using his feet more. Vrabel said the hits weren't a concern also.
I wouldn't be surprised if the line plays poorly and Tannehill goes in.

The Jags are primed to whoop them and need this game to sort of right their ship and make a run. I wouldn't be surprised if they get out to a big lead or press too much and make dopey mistakes.

Everyone in TEN now trying to keep their jobs.
Jags coach said the offense needs to push the ball downfield more but has been hampered by Trevor's physical health.
Tells me The Jags are going to try to push the ball downfield more in this one,especially early in the game to try to establish a lead.
Titans always have The King who has had some very,very,very good games against The Jags.
If The Jags try to push the ball downfield and it results in several three and outs The Titans could grab the early lead.
I'll go with some success pushing the ball downfield and say...

Jacksonville- 27
Tennessee- 20
I would lik to see Christian Kirk continue being the top target on this football team, soft Titans secondary, recipe for some fun today
I think the Jags sell out to stop Derrick Henry who traditionally has owned them. I think they'll succeed as well. I'm very much of the opinion, that the Jags are a mediocre team, despite their record, however the Titans are straight up bad. I think both teams run games have trouble, and that the Jags win through Lawrence/Kirk.

Jags and the under.
I like the Titans getting the 6.5, but am conflicted on the total. My initial instinct was under, as well, but over the last 2 seasons one game each year has gone under and the other has been 56 and 58. Still, unders feel right, unless the Jags have figured out their offense...

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