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Tony Scheffler - Questionable - Late Game (1 Viewer)

Not a huge confidence boost, but at least Scheffler feels up to playing ...

Also questionable for Sunday's game are tight end Tony Scheffler (groin) and wide receiver Brandon Stokley (concussion).

Scheffler said he feels recovered enough to play, but whether he does won't be up to him.

"I'm at the point where I could play if I had to," Scheffler said.

Scheffler has not played since suffering the groin injury late in the second half of Denver's win against the Buccaneers on Oct. 5.

Stokley suffered his concussion in the first quarter against Jacksonville on Oct. 12.


They're playing a non-division game versus the Dolphins. Denver homers, do you think that Shanny's going to play a guy who's been "limited during practice" all week in this game?


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