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Trade Cooper + (Crabtree) for Dion Lewis + Funchess (1 Viewer)

Cooper & Crabtree -OR- Dion Lewis & Funchess

  • Amari Cooper

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • DIon Lewis + Funchess

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14-team .5 PPR.   re-draft 

Quality RBs are at a premium, but so are star wideouts.   My RB depth is very thin and I think this might be my best chance to get a something useful for Cooper  before he has another clunker.   Have an offer of Dion Lewis & Funchess -for- Amari Cooper.    I'm leaning towards taking it and dropping Crabtree, but that's a tough call.

RBs:    Melv Gordon - Howard - D. Henry

WRs:  Fuller - Landry - Cooper - Coutee - Crabtree - Callaway - Sutton - Tay Taylor

Clearly, pairing the Titans RBs gives me a much more solid RB3/RB4 combo to cope with injuries/bye weeks (although TEN & LAC are both week 8 byes).   In addition to dropping Crabtree, I'm also going to have to dump one or two of the other wideouts for a bye week TE & K.   It's basically a noon Sunday tryout for my bench wideouts due to yahoo's friendly drop-add for bench players.

Take Dion & Funchess?   Or too much upside with Amari?   



I'd have to take Amari's upside here. I'm not crazy about Funchess either so you would be giving up Cooper for Dion in my eyes.

Some people say Funchess is undervalued though...so it all depends on what you think about him.

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