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Trade Help--TO (1 Viewer)


Hello all--Just got an offer for TO. Guy offered Deuce McA and Brian Simmons.I am in a 12 team Dynasty league and I need a RB and need a LB. I have some worries about TO playing the full year and that he is now 31 and Deuce is great and BA would start for me. I am OK at receiver as well as I have Chad Johnson/Michael Clayton/Derrick Mason and some other guys who are Ok for a spot start.What do you think? I think I do this.

I would trade TO for Deuce straight up.adding Simmons too just makes the deal that much sweeter. :banned:

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Interesting take. DA for TO straight up. Which begs the question...Who is better, Moss or TO in a Dynasty league?

The fact that you have Chad, Clayton & Co means you should have already pulled the trigger on this deal. If you haven't do so right now!

Thanks for the help guys. This guy pulled the trade the day after offered. I countered with Deuce straight up for TO, but he completely pulled out. We have gone back and forth and there is no deal.


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