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Trade? KELCE/COOPER for BIG MIKE/COOK (1 Viewer)


I have an early season trade, albeit a big one to consider, that I'd like some feedback.  I'm being offered Kelce and Amari Cooper for Mike Williams and Jared Cook.  (He is a Chargers homer😉).  For context, my roster is below and it is a STANDARD league (no ppr) with all touchdowns counting for 6 points.    I definitely get a huge upgrade at TE but take a hit at WR since I think Big Mike has the overall #1WR in his range of outcomes.   What do you think?

Russell Wilson, Aaron Jones, Darrell Henderson, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, Antonio Brown, Jared Cook, Tyler Boyd, James Connor, Mike Davis, Jamaal Williams, Jakobi Meyers, Titans DEF, San Fran DEF,  Daniel Carson K.  

I'd do it.  You can't argue how good Mike Williams has been through three games, but look at previous years.  He's been decent, but he's performed at a much higher level this year.  He could keep it up all year or he could fall back to Earth a little bit with Allen and Ekeler getting more of the looks for TDs.  

With Kelce, you know what you are going to get.

I like Williams a lot, I just think the drop off of Williams to Cooper isn't near as much as the upgrade you get from Cook to Kelce. 

Just FYI, you don't always have to trust rankings alone, but just out of curiosity I looked up Footballguys rest of year rankings for a Standard Scoring League.

Overall - Kelce is #4, Williams is #32, Cooper is #44, and Cook is #152

That just sounds like a home run for you.  

Thanks for the reasoned feedback.  Yeah, I reviewed the rankings with my league specific criteria and it actually has Kelce at #1, Williams #30, Cooper #46, and Cook at #78.   So pretty similar.  TE is a wasteland and the guy with Waller in our league won't move him except for Aaron Jones or possibly Williams.  My only reservation is where I drafted Williams (10th ROUND) which is a steal at this point.  Again, I appreciate your time and input.

I would do it and I don't like Cooper.  Williams is a big injury risk based on the way he plays and goes after the ball when it's in the air.  I might try and get someone besides Cooper but not sure what his other WR's look like.  Like I said, I am not a Cooper fan (but I would still pull the trigger even if you can't find a better option than Cooper). 

I read the responses and agree...do it. Kelce as you said = big upgrade. Cooper has Dak throwing to him...great! Cook kind of getting long in the tooth, williams so far excellent but...?


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