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No questions, just want you guys to know Friday is the the best workout day at the gym by far as I usually stick around and listen to the ipod for the entire two hours. The wife thanks you.

Thanks for the best two hours of my Friday workday. I do have one question on who to start.

WDIS: Shane Vereen or Le'Veon Bell in PPR?

Thanks again gentlemen!

I waited on quarterback this year and have a very strong team everywhere except quarterback, where I have been struggling. Now that I'm locked into the playoffs, I am beginning to consider my options at QB for the playoff weeks (week 15 and 16).

Should I trust Ben Roethlisberger in the fantasy playoffs (week 15 vs Bengals and week 16 @ GB)? Should I fear a tough week 15 matchup against the Bengals? Because I have a very strong team everywhere else, I need a high floor more than a high ceiling.


Hey Guys,

Could you give your thoughts on Green Bay Packer WR Jarrett Boykin.

Long-term outlook most appreciated. Does he have a legitimate shot to bust into that starting lineup?

What say you?


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1. Assuming you have a hodgepodge of RB2s but lack an elite option, is it better to shore up your depth with the playoffs approaching, or hang onto lottery ticket guys? So for example, if you have Gio, Andre Brown, and Vereen (start 2), is it better to own BJGE, Bolden, etc, to safeguard against an injury? Or are you better off holding guys like Bryce Brown and Helu who have considerably more upside?

2. It's fourth and goal, 4 seconds left. You're on the two yard line and are trailing Seattle, 24-20. You dont trust your quarterback (let's call him Geno Henneponder), so you've decided to run the ball. Who gets the carry with the game on the line...

A) Chris Johnson

B) Rashard Mendenhall

C) Trent Richardson

D) Darren McFadden

E) Kick the FG, hope for a miraculous fumble on the ensuing kickoff.

F) Punt (Dennis Green option)

Thanks for all of your efforts, you guys are awesome.

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My running backs have been pretty brutal this year & I was lucky enough to actually start Bobby Rainey last week..

I'm thinking about benching him this week in my standard league for Shane Vereen..

I think it's close but what do you think? Would you stick with Rainey or go with Vereen in what should be a high scoring affair..

other RB is Zac Stacy

Love the show

Playoff roster composition???

PPR, 20-player rosters.....What are your thoughts on rostering only 1 QB, 1 Kicker & 1 DST for the fantasy playoffs when waivers end and rosters lock prior to the Week 13 games? Is this too risky based on injury, weather, matchup?

More specifically, I own Stafford, Akers (an indoor kicker), and after streaming DSTs all year I am considering rolling with the Bills DST from weeks 13-16 (v ATL, @ TB, @ JAC, v MIA).

If I decide to roster backups at these positions I would have to drop players such as Randall Cobb and/or Marquise Goodwin (also own: V-Jax, Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Alshon Jeffery, Kendall Wright & Dobson). I would rather keep these players or use the roster pots to backfill with RB depth, but one injury and it could be the end!

Appreciate it as always!

Gentleman, I'd like your opinion on the ethics of late season trades with the already dominant team. I'm at 5-6 with players on bye and unfortunately the only guy willing to work with me was the 10-1 team. A lot of people in my league squawked about me "handing him the title".

Hey guys,

I have a fantasy etiquette question as I find myself in the fantasy equivalent of resting starters for the playoffs. I've locked up 1st place with 2 regular fantasy season games. Jordan Reed is my only TE. Any other week I would be agonizing over who to drop knowing that I would lose that player in next weeks waiver wire since this league doesn't use FAB (lame I know) and I have taken a hoarding good players approach (10 teams, 17 roster spots) and anybody I drop would have value to somebody else. With my playoff spot secure is it wrong for me to think about standing pat and taking a 0 at TE this week, especially since I am playing a team currently tied for the last playoff spot? Or does this make me no better than the team that has been eliminated from the playoffs and checks out?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

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My question:

Standard Scoring/Non-PPR for the TE position this week: Request one, please-

John Carlson (Minn.) / Charles Clay (Mia.) / Mychal Rivera (Oak.)



In redraft this year it seems there are very few plug and play QB1's: Peyton, Brees, Stafford. Even guys like Brady, Cam, and Rodgers have had more than one really poor outing.

Is playing QBBC down the stretch with otherwise marginal QB's a viable strategy this year if you don't have a Top 3-5 guy? Or is it just too risky? There are all kinds of great matchups coming up.

Flacco - Wk 13 vs. PIT and Wk 14 vs. MIN

EJ Manuel - Wk 13 vs. ATL, Wk 15 va. JAX

Keenum - Wk 12 and Wk 14 vs. JAX, Wk 16 DEN

Fitzpatrick - Wk 16 JAX

Tolzien - Wk 14 ATL

Ponder - Wk 15 PHI

McCown - Wk 14 DAL, Wk 16 PHI

At the beginning of the year it would have seemed crazy to start these guys over the RGIII, Kapernick, and Lucks of the world but now it seems there is just as much risk with the QB5-15 crew as the QB 15+ crew.


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I'm in a pretty shallow keeper league and carrying Toby Gerhart mainly as a handcuff to AP, but he is a free agent after the season. Do you think he has a good chance to sign somewhere and compete for a starting position? I traded some of my best keepers values to go for the title this year. Where else would you look for keepers that arent obvious contributors now but could jump to have clear value by next years draft. (e.g the back ups in SF or SEA backfields). Thanks!

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Bye week QB help needed. who you like best:

Eli vs. DAL

Glennon @ DET

Alex Smith vs. SD

Tolzein vs. MIN

6pts for all TD's



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