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Ugh.....(wierd) interesting 1st & 2nd round mock! (1 Viewer)

1st round



REGGIE BUSH RB | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

The Texans "earned" this pick by losing a number of close games in bizarre fashion down the stretch and thus won "The Reggie Bush Sweepstakes", as the battle among the leagues worst teams for the top pick had been labeled. In all reality it isn't a question of if Houston will take the star running back from USC, but rather should they? This is a team that has numerous holes to fill, most notably up front along the offensive line, and a running back in Domanick Davis that has rushed for about 1,000+ yards in each year of his career who they just recently rewarded with a new $21.1 million contract extension. There is no doubt that Reggie Bush would make any team better, but for this franchise drafting him is simply not a sound strategy. Bush is a rare athlete who scouts describe as "special" and he can dominate a game with explosive plays as a runner, receiver and return man. However with the Texans he will have to split carries with Davis and won't even help out as a kick returner because they already have a Pro Bowler there in rookie Jerome Mathis. If they want to make the flashy pick and appease the fans they will take Bush, but if they want to make the right football decision they would move down for a package of draft picks and take Ferguson. From all accounts it looks like the team plans to select Bush but you have to wonder how much of an impact he will be able to have for this team with precious few weapons surrounding him and seemingly little opportunity to get his hands on the ball.


MATT LEINART QB | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

This would be the ideal scenario for New Orleans as it addresses their most glaring needs both on as well as off the field. From a football standpoint there is little doubt that they need to bring in a top young quarterback now that the final chapters of the Aaron Brooks era have been written. You also can't underestimate the value this selection would provide the franchise from a public relations standpoint either though, as bringing in a high-profile player and Heisman Trophy winner to be the face of the franchise is exactly what the doctor ordered for this beleaguered fan base. By now everyone knows all about Leinart and how he wins National Championships, passes up being the #1 pick a year ago to return to school for his senior season, etc. so I will save you the details. While he doesn't have amazing physical tools Leinart is simply a winner with intangibles that are off the charts, a la Tom Brady, and an added bonus is that he is ready to come in and start right now. This is a match made in NFL Draft Heaven and even if they had the top overall pick Leinart would almost assuredly be their choice so to still be able to land him here at #2 is outstanding for the Saints. Don't rule out other teams potentially trying to trade up ahead of New Orleans to steal him away but that would be extremely costly and the Texans probably don't want to move down anyway. Get out a pen and write down "New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart, QB, USC" because as long as he is available when they pick it is a done deal. Would Leinart pull an Elway / Eli and say he doesn't want to play for a team with so many issues though? Just speculation and something to think about over the next few months...


VINCE YOUNG QB | Texas | Scouting Report

After last year's salary cap purge the Titans are now in full rebuilding mode which means there are a lot of directions they could potentially go with this pick. What may turn the tide in the favor of Vince Young though is the teams desire to look for the best talent available and Young's relationship with their current signal caller. Steve McNair met Young while he was attending the Titan quarterbacks football camp as a sophomore in high school and since then has taken him under his wing and been described as a father figure to the Longhorn standout. There is a good chance that McNair may retire but if Young is brought in you'd have to think Steve would stick around at least another year to help mentor and help groom his replacement. There is simply no denying Vince Young's talent and he probably has as high of an upside as any prospect that has come along in the last 10-20 years. However he also has a major downside and is just as likely to be a bust of epic proportions as he is to turn into a transcendent star. There is always risk when it comes to the NFL Draft, it just so happens that in Young's case the stakes are as high as ever. A phenomenal athlete with excellent size and running abilities, Young is able to do things on the football field that others don't dare dream of. However he is also extremely raw as a passer, has an unconventional delivery, lacks great arm strength and will likely need to sit and learn for a year or two before he is ready to play in the NFL. Offensive tackle is also a concern with Brad Hopkins likely to be moving on soon so D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a very real possibility here as well, but in the end the McNair factor and Young's potential might be the deciding factor.


D'BRICKASHAW FERGUSON OT | Virginia | Scouting Report

Rumor has it that the Jets are interested in trading down because they feel they have so many needs that just one player won't do them much good. That might eventually happen but since I don't predict trades Ferguson would make the most sense here considering they missed out on Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Vince Young. A year ago Kareem McKenzie was lost as a free agent and while Adrian Jones is a solid young player with potential he is not in the same class as D'Brickashaw Ferguson. A tremendous athlete for his size, Ferguson has everything you look for from the position and he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as guys like Walter Jones, Jonathan Ogden and Orlando Pace. With Chad Pennington going down for the second consecutive season with a serious shoulder injury the team is going to have some very tough decisions to make regarding his long-term future. With so much obviously riding on the quarterback position for this team it would be irresponsible to go into another season with everything resting on Chad's fragile arm so if they have a chance to bring a top signal caller like Vince Young they have to take it in my opinion. At this point though Ferguson is the best player available and would give them a guy they can build around up front for the next decade or so.


MARIO WILLIAMS DE | North Carolina St. | Scouting Report

It was a very disappointing season for the Cheeseheads due in large part to injuries and free agent defections but things could be looking up, especially if they are able to add an impact player like Mario Williams to their roster. The Green Bay defense actually overachieved in 2005 and did much better than they probably should have with the talent they had to work with but you don't win the Kentucky Derby riding a donkey and this team simply doesn't have the horses on defense that they need to compete. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is solid on one side but Aaron Kampman is a free agent and he is only average at best so to bring in a potential star like Mario Williams would make a lot of sense. Physically Williams has everything you look for in a premier defensive end and he might very well be the best prospect to come along at the position since Julius Peppers. He is still a little inconsistent but when his motor is running he can be unblockable and a true difference maker on the defensive side of the ball. Their other major concern is linebacker, where they could be looking for two new starters outside so it could prove awfully tempting to bring in a guy like A.J. Hawk to take over one spot and become the leader of that young defense. In the end Williams is the top talent left on the board and they simply can't pass on an elite prospect who one day could rank amongst the best pro players at his position.


A.J. HAWK OLB | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

Last offseason the Raiders used most of their resources to address the offense by bringing in Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan but it didn't have the desired affect and the team struggled mightily on both sides of the ball. With no impact players and not much depth, linebacker is quite possibly the weakest position on the entire team so they will likely be looking to add a top talent there early on in the draft, maybe in round one. A.J. Hawk was as productive and dominant of a linebacker at the college level as a senior as you will ever find and is an impact player with unmatched instincts. It goes without saying that teaming a player like Hawk with Danny Clark and Kirk Morrison would provide a major boost to the defense and be a significant upgrade to that group. The defensive line is also a concern since Ted Washington and Warren Sapp aren't getting any younger, they need a compliment to sack machine Derrick Burgess and there is very little depth at either spot so they could realistically opt for an end like Mario Williams or a tackle like Haloti Ngata here as well, and never rule out a workout warrior and phenomenal talent like tight end Vernon Davis tempting Al Davis either. With Kerry Collins falling out of favor would Davis try to make a move up for Leinart or Young? It is doubtful, but might be something to consider.


MICHAEL HUFF S | Texas | Scouting Report

If you were giving out an award for the team most likely to trade down the Niners would probably take home the hardware. The bottom line is that with their set of needs (secondary and wide receiver) they can probably get better value later on and they have expressed an interest in accumulating additional draft choices. However if they do remain here and make the pick Michael Huff would be an ideal choice as he is the premier defensive back in this draft. With experience at and the ability to player either safety or cornerback Huff has the type of size that Mike Nolan is looking for and would give San Francisco the stud they need in a deep patrol that is really in shambles. Ahmad Plummer just can't stay healthy while Mike Rumph has now struggled at both safety and corner and there is basically no depth to speak of at either position. The defensive line is also a concern and they could use both a stud nose tackle as well as a top defensive end to put pressure on the quarterback. Depending on how free agency plays out linebacker could become a concern as well, especially if Julien Peterson is not brought back. One other option to keep in mind here is tight end Vernon Davis, who is exactly the type of offensive playmaker this team needs since Eric Johnson has basically missed the last two seasons.


HALOTI NGATA DT | Oregon | Scouting Report

Last offseason the Bills lost mammoth defensive tackle Pat Williams as a free agent and as it turns out they probably missed him even more than they thought they would. Sam Adams did not have a good season and may not be back while youngsters like Tim Anderson and Justin Bannan just haven't gotten the job done. Enter Haloti Ngata, who at 6-5 and 338 lbs. has a freakish blend of size, speed, strength and athleticism. In fact, there is a chance he could be gone by this point because based on pure upside and potential he rates as one of the premier players in this entire draft regardless of position. Their other major weakness is on the offensive side of the ball at tackle, where Mike Gandy leaves a lot to be desired at left tackle and they even resorted to benching former #4 overall pick Mike Williams and starting a converted tight end who went undrafted in Jason Peters on the right side. Needless to say a top offensive tackle like Winston Justice could pique their interest and be the direction they opt to go, but defensive tackle is every bit as big of a need and to land a supreme talent like Ngata this low could turn out to be a steal. One way or another look for this team to focus on bringing in a big nasty to upgrade the trenches, whether it be on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.


WINSTON JUSTICE OT | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

How about another wide receiver? Lions fans probably won't find that too funny but after using their last three first round picks to bring in disappointments like Charles Rogers, Roy Williams and Mike Williams it is obviously time to take a new approach when it comes to the draft. One area that has been a major problem is the offensive line, where Kelly Butler was simply not the answer at right tackle and the ineffectiveness of the guys up front contributed to a lack of production in the running and passing games. Winston Justice is still raw and has some maturity questions he must answer but from a pure talent standpoint he will likely rank among the elite offensive linemen available in the 2006 NFL Draft. A gifted athlete with good size, Justice plays right tackle for the Trojans but could possibly move to the left side at the pro level and he would dramatically improve all facets of the Detroit offense. Obviously quarterback is their greatest need since Joey Harrington has been a huge disappointment and while Jay Cutler might be an option here they might not want to invest another top pick on a signal caller at this point, especially one who still has a lot of question marks surrounding him. It wouldn't hurt to add a top defensive end either since Cory Redding is solid but would be much better in a backup role.


LENDALE WHITE RB | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

After being the popular pick by many analysts to make a big leap last season the Cards were back to their old tricks and among the leagues worst teams. Unfortunately for them they won just enough games to take them out of the range they needed to be in to address their most pressing weakness, an elite young quarterback. With Leinart and Young off the board Arizona looks elsewhere to try and improve their offense by bringing in a top running back. Even though they did draft J.J. Arrington in round two a year ago the Cards still ranked 32nd (a.k.a. Last) in the NFL in rushing this past year with Arrington only managing 370 yards on a 3.3 average per carry. Granted a lot of those problems can be attributed to the troubles of the offensive line but even so Arrington showed little or no hope that he can be a starting runner at the pro level. In a lot of ways White will remind you of Jerome Bettis in that despite his size (235 lbs.) he has tremendous feet and is a lot shiftier than you would think. Even though he was overshadowed by Reggie Bush this guy was extremely productive for the Trojans as well and his addition would balance out the Cardinal offense and allow them to not put so much emphasis and pressure on Kurt Warner and the passing game. You can't rule out a stud tight end or offensive linemen here either but they absolutely must upgrade their atrocious rushing attack.


VERNON DAVIS TE | Maryland | Scouting Report

The days of "The Greatest Show on Turf" might be nearing an end with Mike Martz moving on and while there are certainly needs on defense that could be addressed here it might be hard to pass up a talent like Vernon Davis if he falls this far. He is not as tall as you'd like but if you looked up the term workout warrior in the dictionary there would probably be a photo of Davis, who is as strong, fast and athletic of a tight end as we have seen come along in a while. Don't be fooled though because Davis was also very productive for the Terps and adding him would provide a major upgrade over Brandon Manumaleuna. On defense you can basically pick a position and you could make a case for them to address it with this pick, with the secondary and line being the most obvious. Cornerback and safety are probably the most glaring needs with a bunch of solid players but no standouts so Michael Huff and Jimmy Williams will likely be names that are brought up often in conjunction with this pick but choosing Davis here will help ensure the Rams have enough firepower to remain a top offense for years to come.


CHAD GREENWAY OLB | Iowa | Scouting Report

You have to give Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage a lot of credit because they took one of the least talented teams in the league and made them competitive in the majority of their games. Crennel is still a defensive coach at heart and he more than likely wants to bring in some playmakers on that side of the ball and Greenway could be that guy. A productive player who has drawn comparisons to Brian Urlacher, Greenway is a tremendous athlete who has great range and does an outstanding job in coverage. The Browns could also use a stud nose tackle in the middle of their 3-4 scheme and Haloti Ngata would be an ideal fit if they could manage to get themselves in position to draft the Oregon run stuffer. Cleveland has been in search of a top left tackle for years now and they are still looking so don't rule that out either, although they might be content to go with L.J. Shelton again. With some good young offensive talent already in place at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end it appears the Browns are on their way back and adding a top prospect like Greenway would be another big piece of that playoff puzzle.


DEANGELO WILLIAMS RB | Memphis | Scouting Report

Quarterback looked to be Baltimore's most obvious need but Kyle Boller actually showed some flashes down the stretch and they are probably inclined to give the former first rounder one more shot at proving himself, plus it's not like they would have a shot at Matt Leinart or Vince Young down this low anyway. Some Ravens fans might not like this pick but you have to consider that both Jamal Lewis and Chester Taylor are free agents. If Lewis is franchised, which looks like a strong possibility at this point, the team will need to bring in someone to rotate and compliment him and if he eventually leaves town they will already have his replacement on the roster. A natural runner with great instincts, Williams is one of the most productive running backs in college football history and is an even better teammate off the field. The Ravens could also use some help in the secondary both at safety next to Ed Reed as well as cornerback where Deion Sanders is retiring so watch out for Michael Huff and Jimmy Williams here. The offensive and defensive lines are also concerns for the team but they will probably opt to nab help there later in the draft so look for this pick to be used on a runner or defensive back.


TAMBA HALI DE | Penn St. | Scouting Report

The 2005 season was certainly one to forget to this franchise, with off the field troubles (i.e. Terrell Owens) and injuries contributing to an absolutely awful campaign. With that said there is reason to believe this team could bounce back in 2006 and landing a player like Tamba Hali in round one would really help in that cause. After playing out of position at defensive tackle earlier in his career Hali has found a home outside at end and emerged as one of the premier sack artists in the country as a senior in '05. Although he isn't the biggest or fastest defensive end Hali has an incredible motor and will simply outwork his opponents. At this point it appears safe to say that Terrell Owens will never play another game for the Eagles, in which case there is a major hole at wide receiver for a team that relies heavily on the passing game so watch out for Santonio Holmes here too. Linebacker is a also a concern for this team, if for nothing else other than depth, and it wouldn't hurt to bring in a top talent along the offensive line, especially outside where Jon Runyan and Tra Thomas appear to be winding down. With very little quality or depth beyond Jevon Kearse though a top defensive end makes a lot of sense.


JIMMY WILLIAMS CB | Virginia Tech | Scouting Report

There is no question that the Falcons desperately want to upgrade their secondary and might even be looking to bring in two new starting safeties. While most consider Jimmy Williams to be a cornerback that is not the case in NFL scouting departments where many, if not the majority, of teams consider him a safety prospect. Williams is a former safety and he still plays with that same physical mentality, but he also has the speed and athleticism of a corner. In other words he is exactly what teams look for in that he is both big and fast. The Falcons already have a couple of prominent Hokie alums on the team in Michael Vick and DeAngelo Hall so this guy would fit right in from a team standpoint, not to mention address their most glaring area of concern. There is also a need for some depth at defensive end with Brady Smith getting older and there being very little behind him and although they aren't known for using high picks on offensive linemen that too is an area where an infusion of young talent sure wouldn't hurt either. Safety is by far their biggest concern though so either Michael Huff or Jimmy Williams would be a great fit for them.


JAY CUTLER QB | Vanderbilt | Scouting Report

Not that long ago this would have been considered a reach but with the way his stock is soaring the Dolphins would be elated if Cutler fell into their laps. Cutler didn't get a lot of national attention playing for perennial loser Vandy but he had a tremendous senior season and has become one of the hottest names in the draft. In fact, if this guy had played at USC or Michigan people would probably be talking about him as one of the best players available. In addition to ideal physical tools Cutler also has that extra something and a gunslinger mentality that his teammates rally around. Also keep in mind that Nick Saban knows all about Cutler from having coached in the SEC and in his first draft a year ago he showed a preference towards players from that conference. Offensive tackle is also a major concern for the team and you can never rule out defense with Saban at the helm and calling the shots, but this team needs a top young signal caller and if they don't nab Cutler here they likely won't be able to find one later in the draft as their is a huge drop-off in talent after him. Keep an eye on this situation though because Miami is said to really like Cutler and might even try to trade up into the Top 10 overall picks to land him.


LAURENCE MARONEY RB | Minnesota | Scouting Report

It is easy to blame the teams extreme drop-off in offensive production on the loss of Randy Moss and while that was a factor you'd be remiss not to note the lack of a running game as well. Basically the team doesn't have a runner who they can give the ball to 20-25 times a game and have carry the load. Michael Bennett will be a free agent who is not likely to return, Mewelde Moore is injury-prone and best suited for a 3rd down or situational role, Moe Williams is only a short yardage runner at this point and the jury is still out on Ciatrick Fason. An extremely productive and explosive runner who is a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball, Maroney would be a nice choice here and his addition would give this franchise the top threat in the running game that they have been lacking since Robert Smith retired. Also, you certainly can't discount the public relations value of bringing in the hometown hero for a franchise that has taken more than its share of lumps off the field in recent years. Linebacker is also a pressing concern for the Vikings and someone like Chad Greenway here would make a ton of sense as well if he were somehow still available, but adding a premier runner would be just what the doctor ordered to restore the luster to what was once an extremely dangerous offense.


SANTONIO HOLMES WR | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

Most assume that Dallas will use this pick to upgrade at right tackle or free safety and while that is very possible it might be hard to pass on the consensus top wide receiver in the draft if he fell into their laps. Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn are still solid and relatively productive but provide little in the way of a big play threat, which is where Santonio Holmes comes in. While he isn't the type of physically impressive receiver prospect we have seen in recent years like Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, Holmes is very fast and explosive while also a good route runner and blocker. The Cowboys really need an upgrade over Rob Petitti along the offensive line and if Winston Justice were to somehow fall this far that would be a no-brainer with Marcus McNeill a strong possibility as well. Visions of that late collapse against Washington still probably keep Bill Parcells up at night so don't rule out a safety to team with Roy Williams either, with Ko Simpson being a good fit. You can easily make a case for them looking elsewhere but Santonio Holmes would seem to be the perfect marriage of value and need for this team and with a deep class of offensive tackles and safeties in this draft they could address those positions a little later so they bring in a top offensive weapon to improve their passing game.


KO SIMPSON S | South Carolina | Scouting Report

You would have a hard time finding a franchise that has done a better job of building through the draft in recent years than San Diego. In fact, right now they have 15 players that they drafted starting for them, and that doesn't include Antonio Gates and Kris Dielman who they signed as undrafted free agents. For those who are counting that's 17 homegrown starters, which is pretty amazing no matter how you cut it! Lately the teams focus on draft day has been on the defensive side of the ball, but this year they could really go either way. At free safety Bhawoh Jue was brought in as a free agent and has done a solid job, but there is definitely room for improvement. Simpson is a ballhawk who even though he only played two years of college ball was spectacular in that short time and bringing him in would provide the team with the type of playmaking dimension in the secondary that they are currently lacking. A couple of other major considerations would be the offensive line where they are solid at the starting spots but in great need of quality depth, especially at left tackle behind the aging Roman Oben, and linebacker where Randall Godfrey plans on retiring following the '05 season. Don't rule out a wide receiver either because while they do have some solid players there they lack a true #1 option outside.


BRODRICK BUNKLEY DT | Florida St. | Scouting Report

At long last the Chiefs finally decided to address their defense last offseason and while improvements were certainly made there is still work to be done. Right now their greatest need is probably inside at defensive tackle, where they lack an impact player in the middle who can keep blockers off of Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson and allow them to run around and do what they do best. Brodrick Bunkley is a guy who doesn't get a lot of attention but rest assured the pros know all about him and he will likely end up going a lot higher than most casual observers would expect. A disrupter in the middle who is stout against the run and can penetrate as well, Bunkley could end up being a better prospect than Travis Johnson was a year ago. The secondary is also a concern and the Chiefs could use help at either safety or cornerback so that is an option as well. Don't rule out a top wide receiver either, especially if Santonio Holmes falls into their lap because while they do have some productive guys they lack a true #1 outside. In the end look for this choice to be used on a defender though and they could realistically opt for a lineman, linebacker or defensive back without much second-guessing. Last offseason was a big step in the right direction and one more effort like that would be just what the doctor ordered.


DEMECO RYANS OLB | Alabama | Scouting Report

All good things must come to an end and while the Patriots still have a very good team you can see that age, free agency, injuries and the loss of assistant coaches have begun to catch up with them. Gone are the days where they can afford to simply take the best player available because, like most teams, the Pats have needs to address and holes to plug. Last offseason Ted Johnson retired and while Tedy Bruschi returned and seemed to be back to his old self there is not much depth inside. DeMeco Ryans isn't the biggest or fastest linebacker out there but he is simply a playmaker with outstanding instincts who is very productive and seemingly always around the action. Also, with his top-notch intangibles Ryans would fit right in with the Pats concept of team play which can never be underestimated for this franchise. Once again the secondary would appear to be a glaring concern as well and New England could use a top young cornerback but the same could have been said a year ago at this time yet they didn't grab Ellis Hobbs until the third round so you never know. From a value, need and fit standpoint Ryans would seem like an ideal fit though so he is the choice if he manages to somehow fall this far.


MATHIAS KIWANUKA DE | Boston College | Scouting Report

You have to give credit where credit is due and although the Broncos were roundly questioned for bringing in so many Cleveland castoffs along the defensive line last offseason the group played very well and far exceeded everyone's expectations. With that said the team could still use an infusion of talent up front so that might be a direction they could go with one of these two first round picks, especially if a top talent like Kiwanuka falls into their laps. The man they call "Kiwi" is an imposing physical presence with excellent athleticism who excels at terrorizing opposing quarterbacks. There is some question as to whether he can be an every down player and he needs to develop some additional pass rush moves but this would be a good situation for him where he would be allowed to start slow and earn playing time gradually. Since this is basically an extra luxury pick and the team doesn't have a ton of glaring need they could really go a number of directions here but Kiwanuka probably provides the best fit so he is their guy, although if they do look elsewhere don't rule out the secondary and wideout as options.


MARCUS MCNEILL OT | Auburn | Scouting Report

If the names Anthony Davis and Kenyatta Walker don't sound too familiar to you don't worry, they don't strike much fear into the hearts of opposing defensive ends either. Those two are actually the Buccaneers starting offensive tackles, Davis a former undrafted free agent on the left side and Walker a former first round pick and frequent resident of Jon Gruden's doghouse on the right side. Needless to say this is a team in desperate need of a stud blocker on the outside. Marcus McNeill is a mountain of a man at 6-9 and 330 lbs. but he is also a rare athlete for a guy that size and could potentially play left or right tackle at the pro level. He had a good, not great, senior season and there is some concern about the health of his back but it would surprise nobody if his stock skyrocketed because from a physical standpoint he is pretty special. Also keep in mind that a year ago they drafted Cadillac Williams, who ran behind McNeill in college, so the team is probably familiar with what he brings to the table and that could be a factor. Wide receiver depth is also needed so that might be a direction they could look to go too.


DARNELL BING S | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

For the second year in a row the Bengals motto on Draft Day will likely be "Defense, Defense, Defense". Last year David Pollack and Odell Thurman were Cincy's top two picks and both look to be excellent players, but there are still holes to fill along the defensive line and in the secondary. Safety is of particular concern where they need someone to team with Madieu Williams and Darnell Bing would be a major upgrade over Kevin Kaesviharn. With great size and athleticism Bing is always around the ball and excellent in run support. There is still room for improvement in coverage but he has the physical tools to be effective there and he has a knack for putting himself in good position to make the big play. A top defensive tackle is a strong possibility here as well since John Thornton and Bryan Robinson are solid but certainly nothing to write home about and a name that has already been linked to Cincinnati is Brodrick Bunkley so watch out for that. The only way they would consider going offense here is if there was a top tight end available that they liked, which is possible, but at this point the odds seem to greatly favor this pick being used to add another top defender for Marvin Lewis and Bing is just the type of playmaker they need.


ASHTON YOUBOTY CB | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

This is a team that already has one of the most prolific young offenses in the league so look for this choice to be used to address the other side of the ball. At cornerback Will Allen is a free agent who is not expected to return and with the health situation of William Peterson in question the G-Men need to bring in a top young cover guy. Ashton Youboty has a great blend of size, speed and athleticism and you can't discount the success that other Buckeye cornerbacks like Antoine Winfield, Shawn Springs, Nate Clements and Chris Gamble have had in the NFL. In other words there is a good chance that this is a safe pick because other Ohio St. alums have transitioned to the next level with great results. Linebacker is also a concern and the lack of depth was never more evident than late in the season when injuries ravaged them and they were unable to plug all the holes. Defensive tackle could also be addressed here since they lack a true force in the middle to compliment what is arguably the best set of defensive ends in the league. Still, with the uncertainty outside in the secondary the team probably can't go into next season counting on Peterson to stay out of the trainers room and a talented but largely unproven Corey Webster to start with little or no depth behind them so this pick makes sense.


LEONARD POPE TE | Georgia | Scouting Report

Sometimes it is hard to determine which side of the ball a team will address with their first round pick, but that isn't the case here. There is little doubt that the Bears defense ranks right up there with the best in the league, however the offense is on the other end of the spectrum and still needs some work. Right now their basic philosophy is to run the ball and let the defense take them home, but in order to allow the offense the opportunity to hold up their end of the bargain more playmakers are needed. Last offseason the team did a nice job of adding Muhsin Muhammad, Mark Bradley and Cedric Benson, not to mention Kyle Orton and upgrading the offensive line, but the work is far from done. One thing that can really help an offense, especially one with a young signal caller, is to bring in a tight end who can be a weapon in the passing game. Leonard Pope is a physical marvel at 6-7 and 250 pounds and is effective as both a pass catcher and blocker, which would mesh in well with what the Bears like to do on offense. With Jerry Azumah as good as gone in free agency and Charles Tillman struggling mightily the team might be in the market for a cornerback early on but at the end of the day this team needs a guy who can help move the chains and put points on the board so Pope it is.


GABE WATSON DT | Michigan | Scouting Report

When healthy the Panthers have one of the premier defensive tackles in the league in Kris Jenkins, but after essentially missing the last two seasons with injury the team simply can't count on him and needs to bring in some depth and insurance, especially since Brenston Buckner is nearing the end of his career as well. In terms of sheer talent Gabe Watson would probably be a Top 10 overall pick because, as the "Planet Theory" goes, there are only so many guys in the world with his blend of size, speed and athleticism. The problem is he doesn't always play up to his talent level and saw his stock drop considerably as a senior and was even benched at one point. Watson did his best to make everyone forget about that in Mobile at the Senior Bowl though and he was so dominant that it led coach Jeff Fisher to note that they considered keeping him on the sidelines so they could get some work done on the interior in practice. He was only half joking. While Watson isn't a great pass rusher he is as good of a run stuffer as you will find in this draft and a lot of teams already love him. Other possibilities here could include a wide receiver to compliment Steve Smith, a left tackle as an upgrade over Travelle Wharton or maybe even a running back since Stephen Davis is done and DeShaun Foster will be a free agent.


TYE HILL CB | Clemson | Scouting Report

Everyone knows about Rashean Mathis, who is one of the better young cornerbacks in the league, but how many of you can name the other corners on the Jags roster? Give up? Well if the names Kenny Wright and Terry Cousin don't ring a bell you need not worry, they are journeymen at best and fans in Jacksonville probably wouldn't recognize them on the street. Needless to say it is imperative for the Jaguars to bring in a top young cornerback to round out what is one of the more impressive groups of young defensive talent in the league. Hill doesn't have the great size you look for but he is extremely fast and plays much bigger than his frame would indicate. In fact, he is probably a better prospect than his former teammate Justin Miller was a year ago and after his strong showing in Mobile at the Senior Bowl he could very well be gone by this point in round one. Another area the team could address is the defensive line where, despite having the best set of defensive tackles in the league, they are lacking outside opposite of Reggie Hayward where the duo of Paul Spicer and Marcellus Wiley leave a lot to be desired. However, as long as there is any type of value left at the cornerback position that would by all accounts be the obvious direction for them to go as it is easily their most glaring need.


CHAD JACKSON WR | Florida | Scouting Report

Even though it seems like Rod Smith is ageless he isn't getting any younger and while Ashley Lelie is a solid #2 he is never going to be able to fill Smith's shoes all by himself. Over the past few years the team has done just about everything they can to add depth to their receiving corps from drafting Darius Watts to bringing in guys like Jerry Rice and David Terrell. Obviously none of that worked since undrafted journeyman Charlie Adams out of Hofstra is currently their third option so adding a top wideout here would make a lot of sense. Chad Jackson was a top recruit coming out of high school who finally lived up to his potential in '05 as a junior and while his yards per catch average wasn't very impressive it was due to the offensive scheme and he is actually a big play threat with outstanding speed and athleticism. The interior of the defensive line is a need as well so a top tackle would likely garner strong consideration and the Broncos could also be looking towards the future with this pick and may want to bring in a young offensive linemen to eventually replace one of their old stalwarts. Don't rule out help in the secondary at safety either where John Lynch is getting older and some depth will be needed.


ERNIE SIMS OLB | Florida St. | Scouting Report

In the age of the salary cap there is only so much money to go around for each team and at some point sacrifices must be made. Unfortunately for the Colts it looks like they are going to suffer some losses this offseason which could very well dictate the direction they go with this pick. Edgerrin James isn't expected to be back next year and if he leaves running back will obviously jump to the very top of their list of needs, but they probably won't be able to nab one of the big four this late in round one unless Laurence Maroney (who they are said to like) slips. David Thornton is slated to become an unrestricted free agent as well and when you consider that the team has shown a willingness to let linebackers like Mike Peterson and Marcus Washington bolt in the past it isn't hard to see them being in need of a replacement. Ernie Sims isn't as big as you'd like but Tony Dungy had some success with another undersized linebacker by the name of Derrick Brooks in Tampa so in that regard this pick would seem to make a lot of sense. What Sims lacks in stature he makes up for with great speed and athleticism, not to mention the ability to really lay the lumber as a tackler. He does play out of control at times and has some durability and character concerns but Sims is just the type of defensive playmaker this team looks for.


BOBBY CARPENTER OLB | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

Last year the Seahawks drafted two linebackers in Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill who went on to have great rookie seasons so with this pick they opt to round out that group and give themselves one of the best sets of young linebackers in the league. Carpenter was overshadowed by A.J. Hawk at Ohio St. but he is a tremendous prospect in his own right, with all the tools you look for including great size and speed. Carpenter is also an excellent blitzer and pass rusher who saw some time at defensive end with the Buckeyes which has many believing he would be an ideal fit in a 3-4 defense, but he can really fit into any type of scheme. If Seattle were to lose Shaun Alexander in free agency, which is a very real possibility since they can't franchise him, running back will immediately jump to the top of their list of needs although they'd probably have to trade up if they wanted to go that direction in round one. They could also be looking to bolster their depth at safety with Ken Hamlin's future uncertain and don't rule out a defensive end to provide depth behind the injury-prone Grant Wistrom and possibly even push Bryce Fisher for his starting job. One final option could be an explosive wide receiver with good hands since both Joe Jurevicius and Peter Warrick are set to become free agents and Bobby Engram is getting older.


SINORICE MOSS WR | Miami (FL) | Scouting Report

This might be considered a bit of a surprise for a team that is better known for its running game and defense but wide receiver is going to be a concern for Pittsburgh this offseason. A year ago they lost Plaxico Burress as a free agent which really limited what they could do deep downfield in the passing game and with Antwaan Randle El looking like a strong possibility to bolt this year they will need to replace him both at wideout as well as a return man. Sinorice Moss isn't as big as most receivers are today but with the success of other small guys like his brother Santana in Washington and Steve Smith in Carolina teams could begin to transition away from the big wideouts we have become accustomed to seeing in recent years to a degree. In terms of speed and quickness Moss is in a league of his own and his addition would give the Steelers insurance against losing Randle El as well as a major threat in the deep passing game to keep defenses honest. Other options here could include the offensive line or just about any position on defense but with one of the top young quarterbacks in the league it only makes sense to provide him with some weapons to throw to and Moss is as dangerous as they come.

2nd round--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Donte Whitner S | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

One of the best values still available and would be a major upgrade over C.C. Brown at FS.


Claude Wroten DT | L.S.U. | Scouting Report

Has the talent of a 1st rounder and would give them the disruptive presence they lack inside.


Antonio Cromartie CB | Florida St. | Scouting Report

Ty Law is a free agent and his stock could soar if his knee is okay and he works out well.


Thomas Howard OLB | U.T.E.P. | Scouting Report

This team might be looking for two new outside linebackers so this is a great fit for them.


Charles Spencer OG | Pittsburgh | Scouting Report

The offensive line as a whole underachieved and an upgrade is needed inside at guard.


Manny Lawson DE | North Carolina St. | Scouting Report

Phenomenal athlete who could play either defensive end or outside linebacker in the pros.


D'Qwell Jackson ILB | Maryland | Scouting Report

Brad Kassell is a free agent and one of their top priorities is to add a speedy linebacker.


Kamerion Wimbley DE | Florida St. | Scouting Report

Cory Redding is better off as a backup and Kalimba Edwards never lived up to his potential.


Dominique Byrd TE | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

The weapon they need at tight end and he is a major upgrade over what they have now.


Nick Mangold C | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

Could go even higher and with this pick Trey Teague can be moved outside to left tackle.


Eric Winston OT | Miami (FL) | Scouting Report

Left tackle has been a problem area for this franchise from day one and here's the solution.


Ryan O'Callaghan OT | California | Scouting Report

The offensive line needs a boost and this guy will take over for Orlando Brown at right tackle.


Maurice Stovall WR | Notre Dame | Scouting Report

There is no way Terrell Owens is coming back so a big, physical wideout is definitely needed.


Jonathan Joseph CB | South Carolina | Scouting Report

They have a bunch of solid players at cornerback but lack a true #1 like this guy could be.


Joseph Addai RB | L.S.U. | Scouting Report

T.J. Duckett is not a good fit for the offense and Warrick Dunn is not getting any younger.


Taitusi Lutui OG | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

The offensive line was a big problem area and this guy could be the next David Dixon for them.


Daniel Bullocks S | Nebraska | Scouting Report

Exactly the type of ballhawking center fielder the team needs to compliment Roy Williams.


Jonathan Scott OT | Texas | Scouting Report

Roman Oben is nearing the end of his career and the team is said to really like this guy.


DeMario Minter CB | Georgia | Scouting Report

There will be more changes in the secondary this offseason and they want to add a corner.


Richard Marshall CB | Fresno St. | Scouting Report

A cornerback is needed and this guy played for Belichick's buddy Pat Hill in college.


Derek Hagan WR | Arizona St. | Scouting Report

Santana Moss had a great season in '05 but they need another wideout to compliment him.


Danieal Manning CB | Abilene Christian | Scouting Report

This is a team that needs help in the secondary and the #1 sleeper could play CB or S.


Marcedes Lewis TE | U.C.L.A. | Scouting Report

Falls much lower than anyone expected due to the influx of juniors and his lack of speed.


Abdul Hodge ILB | Iowa | Scouting Report

Productive, physical and athletic linebacker who will add some much-needed depth.


Kelly Jennings CB | Miami (FL) | Scouting Report

With Jerry Azumah all but gone some additional depth at cornerback will be needed.


Anthony Fasano TE | Notre Dame | Scouting Report

All-around tight end who gives them the best weapon they have had since Wesley Walls.


Davin Joseph OG | Oklahoma | Scouting Report

The team would like an upgrade over Sean Mahan and are said to like this guy a lot.


Max Jean-Gilles OG | Georgia | Scouting Report

Vince Manuwai has really fallen out of favor and Chris Naeole isn't getting any younger.


John McCargo DT | North Carolina St. | Scouting Report

Beyond Gerard Warren there is not much to speak of on the interior of the defensive line.


Daryn Colledge OT | Boise St. | Scouting Report

The interior of the offensive line needs to be upgraded and this guy can play some guard.


Jason Allen S | Tennessee | Scouting Report

The long-term health and future of Ken Hamlin is still very much up in the air at this point.


Cedric Griffin CB | Texas | Scouting Report

Just the type of physical playmaker in the secondary that this franchise is looking for.

Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3

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33. HOUSTON TEXANS Donte Whitner S | Ohio St. | Scouting Report One of the best values still available and would be a major upgrade over C.C. Brown at FS.
:rolleyes: At 2.01 i just dont see the texans taking a Saftey.Maybe Winston, Scott or O'Callaghan or even Colledge

Donte Whitner S | Ohio St. | Scouting Report

One of the best values still available and would be a major upgrade over C.C. Brown at FS.
:rolleyes: At 2.01 i just dont see the texans taking a Saftey.

Maybe Winston, Scott or O'Callaghan or even Colledge
Whitner is turning a lot of heads and he could blow up into the first round after this week. I have suggested the possibility of Houston using it's two third rounders (3.1 and 3.2) for the OL and addressing the defense in the 2nd (Bush first). It isn't completely insane. That defense was dead last in the NFL and it didn't suffer injuries the way the OL did. Just a thought. I'm in agreement with you for the most part (in my mock they go OL in the 2nd), but it isn't as crazy as it looks. The defense is as desperate as the offense.
You think they would have someone decent there at 3.01 and 3.02?

I think they grab a TE in one of those picks.

They actually like CC Brown and Glen Earl...but anything is possible

I'd expect the jets, niners or titans to take hagen if he lasted to them in the 2nd round....guess i'm just an ASU homer!

You think they would have someone decent there at 3.01 and 3.02?
I do. OL is deeeep in this draft. Many would disagree with me though. I'm not sure it's the best option, but they do have to work on the defense too.
This is the nfldraftcountdown.com mock draft. Why couldn't you just link it? It's prettier over there.

I like this draft and dare not immediately shoot down any pick he projects without some hard-nosed counter-argument, because (I believe his name is Bryan Scott?) spends hours and hours and hours as a "civilian" scout for the draft. I think he's very knowledgable and that his site is very valuable as a secondary or terciary draft source (or a primary one if you are interested solely in free information). It compliments very well with ESPN's Scouts Inc. information.

There are a few picks that I would change now, but this draft was also posted on February 6th, so it's somewhat outdated due to the latest speculations/offseason moves/draft stocks/etc etc etc.

I'd expect the jets, niners or titans to take hagen if he lasted to them in the 2nd round....guess i'm just an ASU homer!
Definitely not the Titans, but the 49ers sure could use him.
Roydell white and drew bennet are equal to him? or brandon jones and drew bennet??? Granted they got decent young WR's, but hagen would be an upgrade....but that's just apersonal opionion :popcorn: :lmao:
I'd expect the jets, niners or titans to take hagen if he lasted to them in the 2nd round....guess i'm just an ASU homer!
Definitely not the Titans, but the 49ers sure could use him.
Roydell white and drew bennet are equal to him? or brandon jones and drew bennet??? Granted they got decent young WR's, but hagen would be an upgrade....but that's just apersonal opionion :popcorn: :lmao:
Its not an "is Hagan an upgrade" question. The Titans drafted 3 WRs last year who all looked capable of playing at the NFL level. With Drew Bennett, that gives them 4 WRs whose spots they arent looking to replace. The Titans have severe deficiencies along the OL, at LB, at CB and at Saftey. That 2nd round pick isnt going to be used to "upgrade" the WR position when they have alot of players there who are capable of stepping up.

I personally feel Roydell Williams will be their #1 WR by the end of next year, but thats irrelevant to this discussion.

50. SAN DIEGO CHARGERSJonathan Scott OT | Texas | Scouting ReportRoman Oben is nearing the end of his career and the team is said to really like this guy.
I would be happy as hell if the Chargers could get him in the 2nd since I've been touted him as the Chargers 1st round pick, but sadly I don't think it will happen.
Derek Hagan???? No way this guy goes in the 2nd Round. Nobody needs a receiver with hands like pitchforks.


DARNELL BING S | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

  For the second year in a row the Bengals motto on Draft Day will likely be "Defense, Defense, Defense".
I agree whole-heartedly with this statement. However, if this is true (and I believe it will be), how do you explain the 2nd round pick? If Griffin is still there, he would be a more likely 2nd round pick for Cincy, IMO.

Marcedes Lewis TE | U.C.L.A. | Scouting Report

  Falls much lower than anyone expected due to the influx of juniors and his lack of speed.
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One of the better mocks I've seen thus far. Can't really shoot alot of holes into it (you can shoot holes into every mock with reckless abandon usually).

This one does well from a NFL need perspective.

Most I've seen linked tend to go towards the fantasy perspective.


DARNELL BING S | Southern Cal | Scouting Report

   For the second year in a row the Bengals motto on Draft Day will likely be "Defense, Defense, Defense".
I agree whole-heartedly with this statement. However, if this is true (and I believe it will be), how do you explain the 2nd round pick? If Griffin is still there, he would be a more likely 2nd round pick for Cincy, IMO.

Marcedes Lewis TE | U.C.L.A. | Scouting Report

  Falls much lower than anyone expected due to the influx of juniors and his lack of speed.
I would actually love if these picks came true (that's if we don't go for a safety in free-agency)

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