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Unemployment in California - Going to commission-based (1 Viewer)


My daughter in Los Angeles works for a small marijuana company that lost a big account and now the boss is asking her to consider a move from full-time hourly to all commission-based. Based on her projections, it would be a big reduction in pay for many months, until they got more accounts, and who knows if they would get more accounts. Would she qualify for unemployment benefits? She meets the boss next week and wants to know the unemployment angle.


You have to be laid off or fired to get unemployment here in CA. If she flat out quits, she does not qualify. This is from what I remember 20 years ago.


the boss is asking her to consider a move from full-time hourly to all commission-based
If she refuses will they lay her off? Because in that case she likely can collect but not if she quits.
She doesn't want to have to go out and find new accounts. She's been working virtually, no car, since the job started about 2 years ago during the pandemic. Travel was minimal, using uber whenever the need arose. Whether she refuses the new conditions of her employment may depend on whether she qualifies for unemployment.

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