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Warren Sapp is a ...... (1 Viewer)


I'm getting to the point where I can barely watch NFL network's Sunday pregame show because of Warren Sapp and his pro-prima-donna attitude.

In this last episode he blasts Kevin Mawae for saying the Titans are playing as a team because they don't have the characters that other teams have. In all truth Mawae is correct. Especially after watching the 'Boys implode this season with all that talent. Sapp feels he must defend his buddies that he obviously parties with when he's not telling the country how great they are on national TV.

Sapp is about as biased as any ex-player commentator there is and his antics are getting old fast.

NFL network would do well to cut his fat rear ASAP.

Warren Sapp :goodposting: tool

ex- player future hall of famer that is a hell of a lot smarter than people think. honest enough, smart enough and has more than enough game cred to be taken seriously on shows like this. he`ll get better once he tones down the "charles barkley " act. :confused:

Tool. Never known a grown man to defend points by rolling his eyes and not actually saying anything ... he rolls his eyes more than my teenage daughter.


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