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Washington at Green Bay (2 Viewers)

As a skins fan, I really don't like going into GB for their home opener after both us and them lost last week. I hope RG3 looks better, but I think it's going to be a long day.

Merriwether launched himself leading with the crown of the helmet to Lacy's jaw.

Seriously doubt that the NFL will let him return......Gloom despair agony on me........

BS hit by Meriweather. I can't believe there was no flag.
Im surprised there was no flag as well. There should also have been a flag for offensive PI on Cobb's catch where he ran up the sideline.

But if I was a Lacy owner I'd be concerned that there is a good chance he is done for the day.

Trying to find the new concussion protocols. I believe that if it's determined he 'was concussed' he will not be allowed to return to the game. Guessing the sideline assessment did not go well.

Sucks but I'll take it- so long as it's not a lingering situation. If he has to miss more than one week- not good.

Starks just got payback for Lacy as Meriweather leads with his helmet again and takes the worst of it.

Meriweather leads with the helmet again knocks himself out
He is basically worthless to the Redskins at this point. Even if he could stay on the field, he would eventually get fined, then suspended for cannon-launching himself helmet-first as often as he does.

All Meriweather is good at is leading with his head. Looks like he will now have played about 5 quarters in his 17 game Redskin career.



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