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ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Roddy White is battling a high-ankle sprain that is "worse than the Falcons are letting on."
Schefter adds that the will "make it challenging" for White to play in Sunday's opener against the Saints. However, NFL Network's Jeff Darlington hears from a team source that White "will indeed play." It's looking like White could end up grinding it out at less than 100 percent. The good news is the Falcons and Saints kick off at 1 PM ET, so their inactives will be announced at roughly 11:30 AM. Stay tuned. Sep 8 - 9:58 AM

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Looking worse for Roddy by the report..

A source tells Profootballtalk that there's 80-20 odds Roddy White (ankle) will not play in Sunday's opener against the Saints.
ESPN's Adam Schefter was first to raise concerns Sunday morning by saying White's ankle is "worse than the Falcons are letting on." FOX Sports' Jay Glazer later chimed in and reported White had yet to cut on the ankle since injuring it in the second preseason game. It appears White did suffer the dreaded high-ankle sprain, though the Falcons denied it. If White can't go, Julio Jones has the ability to just go off. Jones was already locked in as a top-five receiver play. The Falcons will announce inactives in roughly an hour.
Roddy White (ankle) will start Sunday's opener versus New Orleans.
White is clearly not 100 percent. He's reportedly dealing with a high-ankle sprain, though the Falcons have denied it. White went through pre-game warm-ups, and the Falcons apparently liked what they saw. Initially considered a top-ten receiver play for Week 1, it now sounds like White will be limited. He's going to be a risky fantasy start. If you have a deep receiver group, it might be best to consider starting someone else. It's a tough call.
I get this "decoy" feeling but he's a go regardless.
What are you guys doing with him? Are you going to start him or sit him, and if so, for whom? I'm on the fence, but I'm leaning towards starting Tavon Austin.

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posted in another thread: but if he cannot cut, then what's the point? has anyone seem him run during pregame warmups?


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