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Week 1 Waiver. (1 Viewer)


I almost like Hartline the most assuming he's available. He had the most targets on his team and out of the other WR/TE options available. Edelman did well with what he got but Thompkins got 14 targets to his 9 and its clear a healthy Amendola will be Brady's Wes. Edelman was 4th in targets for the Patriots. Vereen will be out now, Gronk back in 2 weeks, Vereen back in 4. Long term is he going to be consistent? Who knows.

Julius Thomas tied for 3rd in targets for the Broncos. 7 targets. 5 catches. If you need a TE, this is your add but if you need a WR/Flex spot almost think Hartline is the call.


The question if you like J Thomas as a TE is how much of your blind bidding budget should you offer for a guy like Julius?


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