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Week 11 DB returners (1 Viewer)


Week 111. L. McKelvin (BUF) 3KR 185yds TD.....1 Solo, 1 PD2. J. Wilson (SEA) 5KR 141yds.....10 Solo, 1 INT, 1 TD, 1 PD3. E. Hobbs (NE) 5KR 135yds.....2 Solo, 1 Assist4. A. Rossum (SF) 3KR 70yds, 2PR 40yds.....No other IDP stats5. B. Witherspoon (JAC) 4KR 75yds, 2PR 31yds.....No other IDP stats6. C. Carr (TEN) 3KR 73yds, 3PR 14yds.....4 Solo, 3PD, 1 INT7. J. Miller (OAK) 4KR 84yds.....No other IDP stats8. D. Manning (CHI) 3KR 82yds.....2 Assists9. Q. Demps (PHI) 4 KR 70yds.....1 Solo10. W. Blackmon (GB) 2KR 28yds.....No other IDP stats11. K. Ratliff (IND) 2PR 11yds.....1 Solo, 1 Assist12. A. Cromartie (SD) 1KR 2yds.....4 Solo13. E. Weddle (SD) 1PR 1yd.....7 Solo, 4 AssistAnyone with Josh Wilson or Leodis McKelvin in their team would have been very happy this week. Wilson will likely be leading all IDP scoring systems while a 98yd TD return for McKelvin shows that he's been able to transfer his elite return skills from college to the NFL.A much more involved role for Chris Carr when filling in for Harper. If Harper is out for any time his stock obviously rises dramatically.

Justin Miller has taken KR duties upon his arrival in Oakland.

The normally reliable Will Blackmon was severely limited by opportunity this week.

Justin Miller (OAK) immediately taking up the KR duties.

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Not only is he leading IDP scoring. He's #1 overall ahead of Kurt Warner and Drew Brees in my league. Crazy!

looks like carr probably gets the start against the jets this week.

thx for doing these threads, kerpow --- look fwd to these every week.


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