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WEEK 11 DEFENSE (1 Viewer)


1PT FOR A TACKLE/pass defended3pts for a ff/fr/int/sackWho would you start this week_Nick barnett vs minnWill Witherspoon vs chiI have to start 3 defensive players and i am already starting b.urlacher and mike peterson. Just cannot decide on the 3rd guy. Normally i would start barnett but lb's vs minnesota have done nothing this year.Who do you think...barnett or witherspoon?I will respond to yours. :wall:

I haven't seen their stats, but if both players are similiar in that department then I'd go with Will Witherspoon vs the Bears rushing attack.

1PT FOR A TACKLE/pass defended

3pts for a ff/fr/int/sack

Who would you start this week_

Normally i would start barnett but lb's vs minnesota have done nothing this year.
I think you answered your question. Go with WW. Good Luck!
Nick Barnett's career stats against Minnesota:2005: 3 assist tackles and a force fumble= 5 FF Points2004: 4 solos and 3 assist tackles= 11 FF Points2004: 4 solos tackles= 8 FF Points2003: 5 solos and 2 assist tackles= 12 FF Points2003: 1 solos and 4 assist tackles= 6 FF PointsLooking at the trends against the Vikes, it does not look like a promising matchup for this week. Therefore, I woul go with Will Witherspoon for this week. ***STATS DON'T LIE***RAPTURE


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