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1PT for a tackle pass defended3pts for a sack/ff/fr and interception6pts for a tdWho would you start this week....Nick barnett at philadelphiaWill witherspoon at buffaloPick one. I normally would start barnett but phili isnt a great start. Witherspoon should do well with D.Morgan out of the game vs buf. Am i overthinking this and just should start barnett?I will respond to your question. :wall:

I'd feel safer going with Barnett based on how solid he's been all year, but you are right that Philly isn't a great matchup. Witherspoon usually does well with Morgan out, but he didn't do much last week against Chicago.

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Witherspoon. Barnett has been known to have some down games and with the Philly matchup with zero running game, I'd be benching him.

Where's Philly's passing game? Most of it will be dump offs to Westbrook and LJ Smith. Good opportunities for Barnett.


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