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Week 16 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

First I would like to thank myself, I am 100% fantastic.

I would also like to thank Clinton Portis for being the man during the first half of the year, D Will for being the man during the second half off the year, and Dancing M Moore for filling in the middle. Wayne and Marshall were not Uber, but didd more then enough to help the cause and were well worth the draft picks. Also deserving of credit is J Witten. I don't care what they said at my draft, you were well worth the fourth round pick.

In closing, I would also like to thank the FBG and all the posters in the shark pool. They helped me mix and match QB/D and K all year long and always helped challange my thinking all season long.

I WON! Final score 151-115. I've been playing FF for the past four years and have made the playoffs each year but this is my first championship!

Thank you Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Bryant, Owen Daniels, and a big thank you to the Cincinnatti defense! I only picked them up yesterday and they scored me 30 points alone!

And seriously, thank you to the staff at FootballGuys for all their hard work and valuable advice. I had the best team in my league from the draft going forward simply by following the pre-draft customized cheat sheet and choosing the best player available. Thanks also to the posters here in the Shark Pool and at the Assistant Coach forum for advice and stimulating discussion. I only had the balls to play the Bengals defense due to the discussion held there. :football:

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I won my league despite still having Rodgers and Gould playing tomorrow. :clap: :pickle:

Oh, and can't forget Washington sweeping Philly today as well :bag:

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DeAngelo for $1100 and a championship in a 1st year redraft!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

DYNASTY: DeAngelo gives the mighty FavreCo (The Legion Of Doom) breathing room in his qwest for an unprecedented 4th championship for Lord Favre in his last game for the greatest franchise in FF history.

And 4th championship it is!!!

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Won a redraft championship today! Margin of victory is currently 15 points and growing. This really makes up for getting beat by a vastly inferior team in the semifinals last year.

I had D-Willy and Brandon Jacobs..I won my game by one point on Jacobs TD in OT!!

When it went into OT I turned the game off. The guy I beat called be #####ing..

I had D-Willy and Brandon Jacobs..I won my game by one point on Jacobs TD in OT!!

When it went into OT I turned the game off. The guy I beat called be #####ing..
You turned that game off? The two best teams in the NFC going to OT, and you shut it off. Why, because you thought you lost your fantasy game? If you were watching the game for FF purposes only, why did you even turn it on in the first place, you needed 7 TD's out of Jacobs and Williams?
Dynasty league champ 14-2 (12 teams). Beat every team in the league at least once this season, most season pts, best all play record, most pts scored against, never had a score under 106 (league average 107), scored in the top 4 all but 3 weeks. Most dominating team I've ever actually seen in FF.

And I have the #1, 2, 12, and 13 picks in the rookie draft. :goodposting:

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CHAMPION in TWO leagues!!

League one: Won by 10 pts with guys like Garcia, Cutler, P. Thomas, MJD, etc

League two: Down 64 pts going into Sunday night game but still had DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith, and Brandon Jacobs going!! HOLY $##$!! Came from all the way back.....

A toast to a true champion......me!!!

I WON my 14-team "big" league ... my main league. I'm now a 2-time Champion in the 10-years we've been playing together. Thank you DeAngelo Williams.

ps ... I started Cedric Benson at RB2 yesterday.

In my swan song year of fantasy football, it appears I've won two championships out of the four leagues I am in. I made the playoffs in three of the four leagues, but was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs in one league.

I posted my resignation in all four leagues prior to the playoffs. I am going to take at least a one year sabbatical from fantasy football. It might end up being permanent if I don't miss it that much.

P.S. These will be the first two championships I've ever won in fantasy football.

i truly believe FF is ~50:50 luck:skill...

it was luck that i drafted DWill in the 5th round of a 16 team league

it was skill that i picked up T Choice 2 weeks ago and C Benson 2 days ago

it was FBG Message Board that i picked up A Bryant many weeks ago and waited and waited and waited...

my week 1 lineup:

schaub (they all laughed at me when i drafted him)




S Moss


J Reed

Oakland Def

my championship winning lineup:

schaub (look who's laughing now)






K Brown

Minny Def

before Sunday Night Football, i was only up by 9 points with my DWill vs. his Steve Smith...needless to the say i was celebrating long before half time :moneybag:

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Sat Cassel, CJ3, and D. Ward.

Started McNabb and WW pickup D. Foster...and I still won!

Thank you Portis, D. Clark, and B. Marshall. And thank you Seattle for shutting down Favre and my Vikings for shutting down Roddy (but damn you fumbling Vikings for losing).

Cha Ching!!!!!!

12 team league, record was 11-2, and won it for the second year in a row. The last 3 weeks were the closest games of the year, won by 4 points week 14, won by.08 week 15, and won by 2.6 in the super bowl. The guy we played sat Cedric Benson for Deshaun Foster! thank god!

Starting lineup:

Shaun Hill( sat warner), and wow, hill had 1 point till the final 6 minutes! Thank you to mike singeltary for not benching him! I had big ben on my bench, phew.


ronnie brown


Calvin Johnson

Desean Jackson( had Boldin out)



Dallas D

We drafted the whole team except for scheffler, what a season! Thank you to the guy who let portis slip to us at pick 12, and to my co owner, my brother who puts up with my insane phone calls about who to start, who to sit, im such a pain but im good :thumbup: and thanks to this site, its really great!

2 time champs! cant wait till next year!!! Fantasy football is the greatest! Girls know fantasy football fellas!cha ching! mommas got a brand new bag!

was leading 122-57 coming into tonight....held on 122-118 thanks to the Bears not giving the ball back to Rodgers, Jennings, and Grant.

also pocket the highest scorer (Brees), highest overall points, and 5 weekly bonuses.

Daddy is getting a new pair of shoes!

After 10+ years in my 14 team league and making the playoffs just about every year, finally took home the championship.

Congrats to all!!!

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Won my 4th title in 6 years in my dynasty league, despite the bone-headed move of starting Warner over Thigpen (and my opponent started Rivers). Won by 1.48 pts when the Chicago D squeaked out 3 pts on MNF.


Took me 10 years to win my own re-draft league and just won again in season 12. Rodgers, Barber, ADP, DeWilli, Cavlin, Roddy, and Daniels made for a pretty fun ride.

10-3 regular season, won the points, and a couple other miscellaneous contests through the year. The concept of not just winning, but DOMINATING your league was sound advice I took to heart and it paid off. Drafting for upside and being a little patient proved to be rewarded.

Back to Back League Championships in my big money league (6 years) and 2nd place finish in my only other league (8 years).

**Championship, best record 12-4, Scoring title***

Redraft 10 Team Performance league no PPR

Start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, TE, DEF

I took the approach the last two years to tune the teams for playoff matchups starting in week 8. Anyone that has bad playoff or championship game matchups, trade or dump early (per FBG article). Thank you to FBG for the great articles, the Draft Dominator (and VBD), the Lineup Dominator, Waiver Wire Wonders, and the following players:

5th Pick Joseph Addai

16th Pick Reggie Wayne

25th Pick Brandon Jacobs

36th Pick Earnest Graham - Dropped and picked up Pierre Thomas week 12

45th Pick Chris Cooley

56th Pick Selvin Young - Dropped and picked up Steve Slaton week 1

65th Pick Calvin Johnson

76th Pick Dwayne Bowe - Traded Bowe and Warner week 8 for Chris Johnson & Kellen Winslow (Dropped for John Carlson Week 13)

85th Pick Brandon Marshall

96th Pick Jay Cutler

105th Pick Matt Leinhart - Dropped and Picked up Warner week 1 then traded w/ Bowe for Chris Johnson & Kellen Winslow (Dropped for John Carlson Week 13)

116th Pick Maurice Morris - Dropped and picked up Cassel week 2

125th Pick Giants DST

136th Pick Nate Kaeding

145th Pick Eagles DST

Congrats to all of the Fantasy Champions and FBG!!!

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I run a 8 yr redraft. First Championship after making playoffs all 8 years. Survived after drafting Addai #9, LJ #16 & Plexiglass #33. I rode my next five picks ( S. Smith, Bowe, D. Will, Cutler & C. Johnson). I picked up Royal after week 1 & trade him & LJ after week 6 for Rhodes & J. Stewart. I cruised through the playoffs, but almost did not make it. I won 126-125 in Week 11 because the refs did not give Pitt DST & my opponent the TD they deserved against SD.

Thanks to FBG for great insights and tools. You guys & the members are the best!!

Congrats to all!!

8 years 2 championships. Both championships were won over the past 4 seasons.

Championship, Division Champ, Best Regular Season Record(10-3), #1 overall seed,

Championship Roster Key Figures 12 Teamer qb-2rb-2wr-flex-te-k-dst redraft

Cutler(7th round)

Gore(1st round), Forte(6th round), Chris Johnson(12th round)

Reggie Wayne(2nd), Andre Johnson(3rd round), Steve Smith(4th)

GOlsen(fa), Boss(fa)


Down 13 points at halftime on MNF...then forte and olsen went to work. Booooyaaaaaa!

Thanks for the help FBG and FBG posters.

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I had the 5th highest ever total in the 2-yr history of the league. Led by D-Will and Cutler on O and Ware, Tuck and Harrison on D. Even Chris Johnson chipped in for me this week.


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